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  1. Tacey Perdita, daughter of Mnemosyne, User:BachLynn23
  2. Alecander Page, son of Apollo, User:Nhlott
  3. Alexandra DaSilva, daughter of Hephaestus, User:Rid3r98
  4. Gabriella Hartson, daughter of Nyx, User:Narutofreak0
  5. To be revealed near the end of the quest
  6. Reese Baldur, son of Leto, User:Firebird14
  7. Alassea Noble, daughter of Nemesis, User:BachLynn23
  8. Zeke Marshall, son of Zeus, User:Nhlott
  9. Lilianne Van der Berg daughter of Hades, User:Queen.Bee
  10. Tristan Carter, son of Demeter, User:Sonofapollo (Missing/dead)

Quest Details and Reese's DreamEdit

See history of Tacey Perdita for details.

The following message took place during a dream:

Dear Reese,

Your beloved home, Camp Half-Blood is facing a dire threat. The sirens have left the Sea of Monsters and have come near the Tri-State Area. Many mortals and demigods have perished. You must stop them before this effects the camp. Move swiftly.



The Quest to Find Tacey's Voice:

Child of the goddess of memory
robbed of her vocal faculties
to face the odds, accompany three
but a fourth returns, although grudgingly
Her tabula rasa forcefully attained
the contents of her mind, the fates have claimed
her voice within the sea of beasts
to slay the screamers, so it will be released

The Call of the Sirens Quest:

Five heroes join forces to overcome trials
fighting hellions along conquered isles.
Travel through the all-encircling sea of the brace,
driven away are the fowls who soared through Thrace.
Combine strength to slay the monstrous choir,
defeat wretched demons on a calling so dire.

Catching you upEdit

This is what has happened thus far on the quests:

The Quest to Find Tacey's VoiceEdit

  • Tacey: Walks up to Apollo cabin and waits for Alec
  • Gab: She walks up to Tacey. H-h-hhi
  • Alec: Walks out of cabin and hugs Tacey. Hey, you. We all ready to go?
  • Tacey: Writes I think we are just waiting for Alex
  • Gab: Yeah, It's just alex
  • Tacey: Writes We could wait for Alex up at the entrance?
  • Alec: Good idea. Let's go. He slings backpack over shoulder. (To Tacey) So, you all excited?
  • Tacey: *Writes* I am, I feel like we are so close now finally! *Smiles, stops, kisses Alec, before continuing onto the entrance*
  • Alex: Hi. Sorry, I'm late. She runs up holding a sword in a sheath and her backpack on her shoulders. Hi, Gab. You asked for a weapon. I stayed up to finish it and slept in by accident today. She hands the sword over.
  • Gab: Thank you. She takes the sword and puts it away
  • Alex: Anytime. Where are we supposed to go to look for Tacey's voice?
  • Tacey: Writes The Fates first, then we need to go to the sea of monsters, any idea where the fates are?
  • Alec: Smiles. I feel as though all will be provided, as long as we keep focused om our goal....Damn, that sounded like a fortune cookie......However, it is apt.
  • Tacey: Writes I've heard years ago when Percy was at camp, the fates were usually seen around New York City, at least that's where the stories say that he ran into them.
  • Alex: Do you think they'll still be around there? I mean Percy was here a while ago...
  • Tacey: Writes Well I feel like maybe we should just check for fruit stands on our way out of Manhattan...maybe we'll get lucky and find one run by three old ladies, but in general Alec is right, we should at least stay on course. Now about the course, do we have access to a vehicle?
  • Alec: Winking at Tacey, I've proven quite capable of.......procurring means of transportation. Or better yet, the car I stole Last time may be around town somewhere?
  • Tacey: Kisses Alec, then Writes Well, we can check to see if it's around, but I was also thinking this time around it might be best to use a camp van......or I could try writing some money out of the journal, I've gotten pretty good at that trick without my voice, but it doesn't last too long, so I wouldn't want to do it until we got to a car rental place, so the money lasts long enough for us to get out of there.

Walks over to the big house to see if any camp vans are available to use.

  • Tacey: Comes out of the Big House with keys and writes We are in luck, Elena I guess took the other one, but there's still one available. So are we all ready? Tosses the keys to Alec You can drive Alec and I call shot gun.....
  • Alec: Kisses Tacey. Thank you, love. Wouldn't have it any other way. Let's go
  • Tacey: Climbs in Passenger side, as the others get in, she kisses Alec and writes So we'll drive our of New York City, but keep an eye out everyone for a fruit stand with three old ladies

The group drives away from camp and on their way through New York City to get to the Turnpike

  • Gab: She taps Tacey on the shoulder and asks Where are we?
  • Tacey: Writes I think we are on the outskirts of New York city now, oh hey, up ahead, does that look like a fruit stand?
  • Alex: She squints out the window. Maybe. I can't see form here. Should we stop by it?
  • Gab: Yes please
  • Tacey: Writes Yea, let's, and hey if it's not them, I'm hungry

As they near the fruit stand, they see three old ladies sitting in rocking chairs who are knitting.

  • Tacey: Fidgets in her seat and writes That is definitely them, Alec pull in, now we don't know how this will go down, not sure they are usually so keen on just giving up memories to demigods.
  • Alec: Pulls in next to the fruit stand. While getting out. This seems kinda sketchy...
  • Alex: My thoughts exactly...Alex's hand hovers over her bracelet/sword.
  • Tacey: Suddenly mesmerised by the old ladies knitting, she slowly starts walking towards them.

One of the Fates looks at her, daring her to come closer.

  • Alec: Reaching out at Tacey's shoulder to hold her back. Whoa, babe. What the hell are you doing?
  • Tacey: Stops but continues staring at the old ladies, a single tear falls down Tacey's cheek, she picks up her pen to write out the question, the words that she so badly wish she could speak out loud, hoping that they would just find pity on her predicament and hand over the thread containing her memories, from those lost months, but she can't bring herself to write, afraid the outcome won't be what she truly desires.

The Fate silently dares her to ask.

  • Tacey: Writes I know that you have the ability to give me my lost memories, that's all I ask.
  • Clotho: You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?

A hellhound appears and pounces at Tacey

  • Tacey: Dodges the hellhound just in time and takes out her sword.A
  • Alec''''':' 'Pulls out Morningstar and fires 5 arrows at the hellhound as he dived out of its way.
  • Alex: Pulls out Ignis and swings at the hellhound.

Three arrows and Alex's swing disintegrate the hellhound, Clotho laughs maniacally and three more hounds take its place.

  • Gab: she makes spikes out of the shadows, and throws them at the helhounds

Two of the hellhounds manage to get out of the way, one advances towards Tacey and Alec, the other towards Alex, the third is disintegrated by the spikes

  • Alec:' Tosses 3 tomahawks at the hound's face.

The hellhound Alec faces disintegrates

  • Tacey: Starts walking towards Clotho, staring into Clotho's eyes
  • Alex: stabs the hellhound in the leg as it passes by her.

The last hellhound disintegrates

  • Tacey: Stands a few feet from clotho, Writes I won't give up, please just give me the strand with my memories of those months at sea, I beg you....}}

Clotho hesitates, seeing the sheer determination in her eyes, she pulls out a thread, and drops it at Tacey's feet. As Tacey bends down, and touches the thread, the memories coming blooding back........

File:New tacey wb.png
19:05, August 26, 2011 (UTC)
    ~ *Tacey's Memories*

At first, everything went fine, but then they boated by the Island of the Sirens. Cameron had earplugs in his ears to try to ignore one of his mom's crazy rants. That, was what saved Tacey and him. He grabbed Tacey before she could jump overboard and tied her to the mast. He ran to try to save his mom and Tacey's dad when monsters attacked. Karkinos. Hundreds of them. Cameron and Tacey could have defeated them but he would have to untie Tacey which would mean the sirens would get her. Cameron decided a prayer would be best. He asked that the gods send help. Poseidon did in the form of a storm. He made everyone except Tacey and Cameron fall overboard for Tacey was tied to the mast and Cameron knew it was coming. They sailed to the around the Sea of Monsters trying to find their parents. Eventually they beached on an island where they thought their parents had washed up on. However, the Sirens had set a trap for Cameron and Tacey. A Cyclops came and captured them. They were taken to the Island of the Sirens where the Sirens stole Tacey's voice. Eventually, they got away because one of the people who swam to the island was carrying a dirk. Cameron used it to free himself and Tacey. They ran to the Cyclops' boat but the Cyclops was right on their heels. Cameron turned and faced the monster. He told Tacey to leave but she wouldn't. Cameron knocked her out, put her on the ship, and pushed the ship out into the sea. That was when Mnemosyne intevened. She took Tacey's memories, so that she wouldn't try and go back until she was truly ready and strong enough.

  • Tacey: Turns and walks to Alec, tears in her eyes, she collapses in his arms
  • Alec: Catches her, and holds her tight. Oh, my gods, Tacey, are you ok?
  • Tacey: Sobs in Alec's shoulder
  • Alec: He rubs her back and tries to comfort her the best he can...
  • Alex: She pats Tacey's shoulder and talks in a gentle voice. What's wrong, Tacey?
  • Tacey: Stops long enough to write I remember it all now, right up until Cameron knocked me out.....we've got to find the sirens now......get my voice back...make them pay
  • Alec: He pulls out a hunting knife. Done deal, babe. We'll be able to do it together, right?
  • Tacey: Composes herself, writes Let's head to the coast, get a boat to the sea of monsters....
  • Everyone gets into the van, and heads for the coat.
  • Gab: So uhm......we're going sailing?
  • Tacey: Writes Looks like it, we'll need a fairly decent size boat though, to get through the sea of monsters, not sure how we'll get one.
  • The group drive to Virginia, and Alec manages to find one of the biggest yachts, and get it started without any mortals noticing, the group head for the sea of monsters
  • Alex: To get into the Sea of Monsters, we have to pass Charybdis or Scylla, right? Who are we going for?
  • Tacey: Writes What would be easiest?
  • Alec: Steers the yachts silently, staring forward intently at nothing in particular..
  • Alex: I personally think Scylla would be easiest. When she comes into view, Alec can shoot her down with arrows, Gab can use her umbrakinesis. If one of us gets picked up by her, maybe we could slice it's neck and it'll drop us. Maybe, I'm not sure.
  • Tacey: Goes to stand next to Alec, and rests her head on his shoulder as he steers and writes Alec, use your judgement, I trust you to take us the best course.
  • They spend the rest of daylight heading towards the sea of monsters, as darkness falls they near the tip of Florida
  • Tacey:' Writes Should we anchor and get some sleep before hitting the sea of monsters?
  • Alec: He looks at Tacey and smiles. Seems like a good idea
  • Tacey: Kisses Alec and writes Ok guys, there's rooms underneath, who wants first watch?
  • Alex: I'll take it. I'm not tired. You guys can go underneath and sleep. You've been through a lot today.
  • Tacey: Writes Sounds good, wake one of us in a few hours Takes Alec's hand and goes beneath
  • Gab:Uhm...........i think i'll stay here with you

4 hours later 8 foot waves start rocking the boat violently

  • Alex: Whoa...Alex turns to Gab. Can you go see if Alec and Tacey are up?
  • Alec: Wakes up with his arma around Tacey, feels the waves and shakes her awake. Babe, you feel that?
  • Tacey: Wakes up and looks at Alec with panic in her eyes, quickly writes What's going on
  • Alec: I don't know...Pulls out Morningstar..But let's find out... Puts his shirt back on and goes up to the top deck
  • Tacey: Wakes up and looks at Alec, fear in her eyes, follows Alec out to the top deck with her sword, as they read the top deck, the waves are 8 to 12 ft high hitting the boat, the anchor ripped off it's mooring, boat drifting around, clearly not where they set anchor anymore, the coast line of Florida can no longer be seen.
  • Alec: Mouth agate at the sight. Well, THESE are poor developments....

As they battle the boat through the waves, in the distance is a massive whirl pool, the waves and water pulling them closer.

  • Tacey: Writes I think that might be the whirlpool usually by Kharybdis, who guards the entrance to the sea of monsters. We need to get the boat from getting sucked into the whirl pool.
  • Gab: maybe if we could fly................i know it's stupid
  • Tacey: Looks and can't help but laugh a little Seriously though we need to stay away from the big giant whirl pool sucking us in.....
  • Alec: Suddenly gasps. I have an idea!! Alex I'm gonna need some rope or tether, Gab, I'll need you to help tie them to some of my arrows, and Tacey, I'm gonna need you to be able to pull really hard...
  • Tacey: Writes Ok, well we'd better hurry we are getting close
  • Alex: Alex digs through her back pulling out various lengths of rope. Here you go, Alec.
  • Tacey: Writes Is that enough rope?
  • Alec: Should be. Let's see... He ties the ropes to several arrows and fires them into a boulder facing the opposite direction as Kharybdis. Ok, now pull!!! Grabs two ropes and pulls as hard as he can.
  • Alex: She grabs a rope and pulls.
  • Tacey: Grabs a rope and pulls
  • Alec: Pulls even harder as the boat begins to pull away. C'mon! Just a little more!!
  • Alex: She wraps the ropes around her already sore wrists and pulls.
  • Tacey: Pulls harder
  • Alec: His eyes begin to glow yellow and he pulls harder than he did before, the yacht moving away fromt he whirl pool as he does. Once in calmer water, he begins to feel faint. Whoooaaa....Falls to one knee
  • Tacey: Goes to Alec's side and offers her arm to steady him, then writes There's an island up ahead, we should go to shore, get our bearings straight.

The group get close to the island and with no anchor, they manage to use a really long rope and tie it off to a rock.

  • Alec: Well, that felt weird. Almost like the ..thing came back. Eh. So, what comes next, babe? He wraps his arms around Tacey.
  • Tacey: Pauses, listening, they hear some noise from just on the other side of the island, she writes Something feels off, do you hear that....that noise her eyes glaze over as she climbs over the rocks and across the shore, as if possessed.....
  • Alec: I didn't hear anything.....What noise? Tacey? He follows after her, grabbing Morningstar as he goes.
  • Tacey: As she runs quickly along the coast line/Beach, voices can be heard, as well as the sirens song in the distance, it sounds as if people are yelling at someone to come back or to stop, as she climbs over a rocky outcropping, she sees Alas on the beach and Reese in the water wading crazily towards the beach, Zeke and someone else on the boat, before she can react, the sirens song overtakes her, and instead of heading towards Alas, she turns and heads past them further into the island. Her eyes glazed over.

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The Call of the Sirens QuestEdit

Reese: Alright, now to wait for the others. Lays pack down next to him.

Lily: Hello, Reese. Sits down and plays with her sword.

Reese: Hi Lily.

Lily: Where're the others?

Reese: I dunno. They'll probably be here in a minute.

Tristan: Walks up to them with his staff. Hey, I'm ready to kick some siren-ass.

Zeke: Limping a bit. Just got back from fighting Tsumi

Lily: Uh, my half-brother? What happened?

Zeke: To prove my worth for Hades' Helm. I try not to have beef with people at camp....Looks at Tristan....Usually

Alas: She walks up behind Zeke wearing a hoodie with her travel bag slung across her shoulder, hair up in a pony tail. Hey guys. She smiles at Zeke and squeezes his hand tight as she stands next to him. Are we ready to head out?

Reese: First order of business, our transportation. The boat should be waiting for us at the Beach. I have no clue how to drive a boat but we'll learn as we go.

Tristan: I can hot-wire the boat for you? I've had to do it before...bad times.

Reese: We don't need to hotwire the boat. I borrowed it from a friend of mine.

Alas: Well I wish I could help but I spent most of my childhood before coming here in mountains, not much call for boats up there, but if we need to climb any cliffs, that I can do.

Zeke: Not my fav. type of transport, but it's what we got, right?

Reese: No, but we need to look for the Sirens, as they are in an unknown location, somewhere deeper into the Atlantic Ocean. I doubt most planes say; let's fly to an uncharted location riddled with monsters that will bring the pilots and his crew to their doom. Let's go. He starts walking to the Beach.

Lily: Oh, everyone got earplugs already? Unawaiting for a response, she grabs Reese's hand and walking to the Beach.

Tristan: Let's get going. He follows them.

Alas: She is following close to Zeke. Hey love, how did the Sins of the Father thing go anyway? I was going to go watch, but I had to pack for the quest...

Zeke: Thinks back on it....I'll tell ya on the boat, okay, babe?

They're on the boat and it starts moving. A moment later they're on the open sea.


Lily: Looks sick. I think, closes her eyes, I think I'm going to lay for a while. I don't feel so good.

Reese: Kay, the coordinates are Latitude: 30.78561, Longitude: -40.49343, Distortion: 1.35 And the island looks like this: I assume that we travel for a little while.

Alas: Users her powers of balance to ease Lily's sea sickness Did that help any Lily? I know usually sea sickness is from an imbalance in a person's inner ear.....

Lily: Instantly looks better. Thanks, ALas. Now I'll just have an ambrosia then I'll be fine. Takes out an ambrosia.

Zeke: Rests on a wall, staring at the sky

Tristan: I feel weird not on the ground. Must be cause of my mom being an earthy goddess... Well, any sign of the island yet?

Reese: Nope, none yet though it looks like there are a couple other islands that we might want to anchor on coming up. Looks at one of the islands and sees a big commotion. Looks like something's going on there. Let's go and look. Steers boat towards the Island. We should be there in ten to twenty minutes.

Alas: Checks her pack stowed away inside, comes back out with her sais on her back and bo in hand Can't hurt to be ready in case the commotion turns out to be monsters

Reese: Good Idea. Draws sword and then makes it invisible. Anyone else need me to invisiblize their weapons?

Lily: Not me. I like to see my sword. Pulls out her Stygian Iron Sword.

Zeke: Pulls out a pocket knife and tunrs it over in his hands, then sighs

Reese: I'm gonna take that as a no. Tristan's off somewhere in the boat and I don't want to find him cause we're here. Hold on, this might get rough! Turns the boat towards the beach. Sees a dozen Karkinos on the Beach. Oh Gods, this is not good.

Lily: Oh my gods. Not them. Reese, can't we carry on and not stop at this island?

Reese: Shudders rembering last night. I wish, but look. Points to the Beach where some mortal are being devoured while others run for their lives We can't leave them to die. Besides, we have to dock soon anyway. Let's go! Speed up the boat so it is 100 yards from the shore.

Alas: Looks at Zeke a little nervous and moves closer to him

Zeke: Flicks the blade into a sword, putting an arm around Alas

Reese: Swallows Is everyone ready to go?

Lily: Sighs. Yeah. Should I go get Tristan?

Tristan: Im right here. Draws his Lotus staff from behind.

:Alas: Steps up on the edge of the boat, preparing to disembark

Zeke: Takes his sword,cracking his knuckles Well, here goes....

Reese: Let's go! Drives the boat onto the shore then runs out of the cabin and leaps over the rail onto the beach. Hey Fishpaste! Over here!

Tristan: Aww man....they stink! Reese, shouldn't we discuss tactics first? to himself, Guess not.

Lily: Follows everyone else, carrying her sword on ready position, then summons five skeletal warriors. This should help.

Alas': Follows the others off the boat

Zeke: follows suit, sticking epecially close to Alas

As they walk into the island, they hear a loud noise and a big crab-like monster appears, lunging at Alas.

Zeke: leaps in front of her, blacking with Stormbreaker, the slashing at it withTornado

Alas: Ducks and rolls to the left a couple of yards from Zeke and throws one of her sais at the monster from the side

The attacks hit his crust, not harming him. He attacks with one of his claws at Zeke and with the other at Tristan.

Reese: Looks at monster and sees that it's twice as big as the others. I knew Karkinos were big, but... Shakes head Nevermind, Zeke, Tristan, Alas, handle the big one, Lily and I will take the others.

Lily: Come on. Runs to the smallest Karkinos and slashing at it, finally found its weak points and kills it with her sword. Okay, 1 down, 10 more left.

Zeke: I grow weary of this....He summons up a bolt of lightning that strikes the big Karkino between the eyes

Alas: Throws her sai into the monsters's eye so that the lightning is directed down the metal sai and into the monster's brain, then retrieves the other sai she threw earlier.

The Karkinos trembles as it is electrocuted and crumbles dead after a few seconds. The remaining ten karkinos go crazy, jumping at Zeke and Alas.

Alas: Causes the closest karkinos to her and Zeke to loose balance and fall, the next one closest to them she signals Zeke, throws her remaining sai into it's right eye, then pulls out her Bo, uses it to launch herself onto one of the backs of another karkinos and pulls out a bronze dagger from her ankle and stabs it in its soft spot, killing it.

Reese: Everyone take two Karkinos! Runs up to to and stabs at them not doing any damage but getting their attention

Tristan: So who wants crab fro dinner? Starves two of the Karkinos and then creates thron spikes to attack them.

Zeke:Grabs a smaller karkino frys it with static electricity

Alas: How many left?

Lily: Umm, five or six. Create small earthquake that opens the earth and closes again, trapping one or two karkinos. Then she slashes her sword and finally stabs one in its soft spot.

Alas: Uses her bo to jump on top of another one, and stab it in it's soft spot with her dagger, killing it Only 2 left........

Tristan: Uses his powers to starve one to death

The remaining one rushes to the inside of the island, entering the forest

Zeke: Flies after it, then crushes it against a tree

Alas: So now what?

Reese: Well, it's getting late, we need somewhere to dock, I can't pilot by night, and this is the only island we'll could possibly be on before dark. In other words, we're anchoring here.

Alas: Should we take shifts on guard duty, probably not a good idea for us to all sleep at once....

Lily: I'll take the first watch. Buttons up her jacket. Are we sleeping here or back to the boat?

Alas: Well, the boat would provide cover it if rains, and would probably be more comfortable...

Reese: Well the way I see it, we can sleep outside with bugs and monsters and hope it doesn't rain on our makshift beds made out of moss or we could go and sleep in the cabins on the boat. I vote for the latter and I am gonna do just that. Whether you guys sleep in or out is your choice.

Alas: I'm for sleeping on the boat, who's Lily going to wake up for next watch? If we each take a 2 hour watch the others will have 8 hours of sleep....

Tristan: I'll take the watch after Lily.

Alas: Ok, Tristan you can wake me up if you want, I rarely sleep well on trips, so it shouldn't be hard to do Kisses Zeke and heads into a cabin to sleep.

Lily: She takes the first watch, sitting on the floor while reading a book. She summons a skeletal warrior to walk around the boat. Mutters to herself. It's kind of chilly. She takes a blanket and pulls it over herself. After two hours she returns the skeletal warrior back to the Underworld, and goes to Tristan. Hey, can you take over the watch? It's been 2 hours, I'm sleepy now.

Tristan: *Mumbling in his sleep* No...not the sphinxes's supposed to be a basilisk....*wakes up* Huh, what, oh it's my turn? Okay. *Goes and takes watch*

Alas: Goes out 1 1/2 hours into Tristan's shift Hey Tristan, I can't sleep if you want to head in early.

When Alas finishes talking, they hear a ruffling noise on the forest

Alas: Pulls her sais from off her back Then again maybe we should all wake up

In that moment, a group of six harpies come flying from the forest to attack Alas and Tristan. One of them tries to fang Alas in the face.

Tristan: Grabs his staff and whacks the harpy trying to fang Alas with the hilt. Where the hell did they come from?

Alas: Users one of her sais to stab the harpy, killing it. Then yells Hey, everyone, wakey wakey we got harpies out here.

Lily: Wakes up, she gets out of the cabin. Damn it! Pulls out her sword and slashes at the harpy that's coming to her.

Reese: Walks out of his cabin and sees the Harpies. He draws his sword runs at the nearest one and slashes at it.

Alas: Uses her bo to knock back a harpy I got one, there's still 5 coming at us.

Zeke: Comes running out, embarassingly without a shirt on. Good thing I took a nap, huh? He summons up lightning that arches and fries 3 harpies

Alas: As another harpy lunges for an attack she dives under the harpy and stabs it with her sai from behind killing it One left where is it?

Lily: Somewhere. The harpy suddenly flies toward her. Lily ducks just in time. It flies again trying to claw her, she dodges a little and manages to chop its head off.

Alas: Yawns and sits down on one of the benches on the side of the boat Well that was what?

Reese: Well, we have a little while till morning, so Tristan, you finish up your watch, then Alas will relieve you then Zeke, then me. G'Night everyone.Walks back to his cabin

Tristan: Fine. But if i get attacked by those bloody harpies again, Im using the lightning kid as bait. Just saying...

Alas: Stands up and stretches Well his watch was just about over anyway, I only came out like 20 minutes early cuz I couldn't sleep, so I'll take now if you want, no point in going in just to have you come in 20 minutes later.

Lily: Good night Reese, guys. Be careful, Alas. Heads to the female cabin.

Alas: Sits on the end of the boat and looks out at the shore

Alas: After two hours, still not feeling tired, and the fact that no one told her who to wake next, she sits guard for 4 hours, until the sun started peeking up over the water. She then goes into the cabins and wakes everyone up. Hey guys, the sun's coming up, time to wake up and get a move on.

Reese: Hey Alas, what arre you doing up? Looks at a clock Whoa, my watch is over. Zeke was supposed to come and get me. Oh well. Wait, did you take Zeke and my watch?

Alas: Blushes slightly Well I couldn't remember who was supposed to go after me, and I wasn't tired, I can't sleep on trips very well, too antsy, so I just kept watch....

Reese: Yeah, but still, you must be tired. In exchange, I'll take your shift tomorrow night.

Alas: Ok, that sounds fine, maybe after not sleeping last night, I'll be tired enough to sleep tonight. So where to next?

Tristan: Well, I think, All the monsters seem to be coming from the heart of the forest. Perhaps, that is where their leader is. Maybe he or she could lead us to the sirens? I say we venture into the forest.

Zeke: Wakes up and immediately hugs Alas, then realizes the time. Babe, did you take my watch? Gods, I'm SO sorry for not getting up....

Lily: I don't know, Tristan. The monster leader won't give the information easily. And how do we know he's related to the Sirens? Besides, most monsters don't speak. They just roar and kill. Shivers.

Reese: I agree with Lily. Besides, this isn't the island the Sirens have been charted on. That island is still a good ways away.

Alas: Kisses Zeke good morning That's ok hon, I wasn't tired and I didn't know who to wake up, so I just stayed up Turns to the others We don't even know which monster it is in there, sounds like too big a gamble to me, while we are dealing with this island who knows how many mortals are being lured to the sirens and their deaths right now

Tristan: *Mumbles to himself* Well I thought it was a pretty good idea....Okay, what do you guys have in mind?

Alas: How far are we from the island the sirens were charted on?

Reese: About a day, maybe two.

Lily: Reese, I thought your mother said Tri-State something. Shouldn't we go there?

Alas: The "tri-state" area closest to us is a 23-county metropolitan area includes ten counties in New York State (those coinciding with the five boroughs of New York City, the two counties of Long Island, and three counties in the lower Hudson Valley); 12 counties in Northern and Central New Jersey; and one county in northeastern Pennsylvania. Technically as camp is on Long Island, we were already in the tri-state area while we were still at camp.

Reese: I don't want to repeat that, nice job on knowing your facts by the way, but to narrow it down, that's where we started. So, let's head out. Head's to the control room and starts the boat

Alas: Goes and sits down next to Zeke, lays her head on his shoulder

Tristan: Well...this is awkward.....It seems like a bad episode of "Love Boat"

Lily: Realizes this isn't about her, but still blushes. Oh, shut up, Tristan... Heads to the control room. Reese, where are we heading?

Alas: Smirks What's the love boat anyway?

Reese: We're heading to the Siren's isle. Directs the boat out to sea but realizes a mistake he has made Dang it, the tide is against us. That could be dangerous so our best hope would be to skirt to the north side of the island (We're on the east side) and head for the Siren's island from there.

Zeke: He runs his fingers through Alas' hair, then looks up. You DO know how to do thatm, right?

Reese: If we're alive tonight I'll let you know.

Alas: sighs Wait, did anyone bring ear plugs?

Lily: I got some. Pulls out a some earplugs from her bag.

Alas: Enough for all of us?

Lily: She counts. Yes, enough for all of us. Are we near?

Reese: Nah we're...Turns his head and sees a giant whirlpool. He looks to the Island and he thinks he sees something moving in the cliffs Oh my gods...Get down!

Alas: Sinks to the floor of the boat, then looks up What is it?

Tristan: Scylla and Charbydis. These two monsters guard the entrance to the Sea of Monsters.... We need a plan. I think, if we can make some sort of dummies, to trick Scylla- that's one monsters out of the way, Im not sure about Charybdis, though.

Lily: What about some skeletal warriors?

Alas: If they are supposed to be guarding the sea of monsters, what are they doing here?

Reese: They probably came with the Sirens. Do you guys think we should try to fight them, or sail past them?

Alas: Well, is there a chance they may be guarding the sirens against an attack?

Lily: I'd prefer to sail past them, we aren't entering Sea of Monsters anyway so we don't need to bother trying to pick one. Though if they're guarding the Sirens... We need to get to the Sirens.

Alas: You're a child of Leto right Reese? Are you able to turn us and the boat invisible?

Reese: Let's do it. Takes a deep breath and turns everything but himself invisible. He then proceeds to collapse on the deck, out cold.

Lily: Reese! Reaches for him. Oh, gods. Where's my ambrosia? Takes out an ambrosia and feeds it to Reese.

Alas: Well I only asked if he "could", I didn't say do it.

Zeke: Well......THAT was smart

Lily: Oh, nectar! Oh my gods, I can't see anything, Reese, wake up! Shakes his body.

Alas: Looks around Ok this whole not seeing anything is really freaking me out, not to mention what this all must look like to any monster seeing us, it must look like Reese is just sort of hovering along on the water........

In that moment, they hear a screech sound, and a band of 20 stymphalian birds come flying at them, trying to pierce his skin and head out of his body

Alas: Reaches onto her back for her sais and crouches down Guys how is this going to work, I can't see you....

Lily: No! Raises 3 undead skeletons to protect them from the birds. Guys, where are you?! Reese! Wake up! She slaps his face in frustation.

Alas: Hey at least we can see the skeletons, and the birds can only smell us and see Reese so Lily stay by him, I'll assume you are near him and not get too close, I'll move a little away from Reese and try and draw a few of them away from you guys As she says this a bird flies just about on top of her, she stabs at it with her sai, disintegrating it

Lily: A bird fies past the skeletons and starts clawing and biting at Reese's body. Lily slices it off with her sword. Reese, wake up! Help us! Then she holds his face and kiss him in the mouth.

Alas: Manages to stab another bird as it swoops down near her and it disintegrates. Stabs another bird 3 down.......17 to go.......a bird catches her off guard from behind and scratches her back, she falls to what seems to be the deck, although it looks like water, turns, and stabs the bird before it attacks again, wincing at the pain on her back Make that 4 down....

The birds are confused. They keep trying to attack Reese, but five of them swarm around the place Alas killed the three birds, trying to kill her.

Reese: Reese's eyes open slightly his lips move but he makes no sound. His eyes quickly shut again.

Alas: The first bird manages to dig into her shoulder, with her other arm she stabs it with her sai, of the 16 remaining, she stumbles back, and focuses all her energy on using her power to cause them to lose balance, one by one 6 fall into the ocean, leaving 10 that one by one fall to the deck and start walking around like drunken sailors trying to stand, Alas passes out from the massive use of her power, the wounds on her back and shoulder bleeding.

Zeke: Knowing where Alas was, hears where her sai dropped when she passes out and his eyes flare. ALAS!! He summons a huge gust of wind to blow the remaining birds together, then brings down a huge bolt of lighting that makes them explode into dust. He then runs to where Alas was standing and feels around for her. He finds her and tries to get her to drink the last bit of nectar in his canteen. Alas, babe, are you ok?

Alas: Moans but comes around Ow ow ow, careful I think my back is bleeding and my shoulder, a couple got me pretty good....

Reese: Comes to Whoa, what happened? I remember some monsters but....

Alas: Hey Reese, could you maybe make us visible again, Looks down at the water this is just..........weird

Reese: Done. He makes them all visible

Alas: Hey guys Looks around Where's Tristan, he was here when we went invisible, and his sword is over there at the end of the deck........

Zeke: Now we're missing people? This is NOT good...

Reese: Yeah. Unfortunately, if he was still invisible, I would see him. Our best course of action is to dock at the north point of the island and look for him. We're going there anyway. Luckily it's coming up soon.

Alas: Still sitting on the floor, her back and shoulder shredded but the wounds clotting Zeke, can you help me up and down to the cabin, my back pack is there and there's more ambrosia in it and a clean shirt, that's not shredded and bloody.

That's when they notice a small streak of blood that falls to the sea, where there is a moderate blood pool

Alas: Ummm hey guys Manages to stand and walks towards the blood trail I don't think Tristan made it...... Looks in the water for signs of his body

Zeke: Picks up Alas. His chances ARE slim...

Alas: Lays her head on Zeke's shoulder I didn't know him that well, but to die like this......oh well I need a change of shirt and more ambrosia before I can do anything......

Zeke: Rubs her back. Sure, no problem, love. Stares at the water for a moment, and carries Alas down into the cabin.

Alas: Comes back up with Zeke a bit later, fresh shirt, having taken more ambrosia her cuts healing so what now guys, we are down a questor......we should iris message back, fill someone in....

Zeke: Who would we talk to, though?

Lily: I still can't believe he's gone. She buries her face in her hands, cries a little. Then she looks up. I think we should tell the Alexander and the Counselor of Demeter's Cabin. What's her name... She thinks. Demetra.

Reese: When we beach up there we'll send them the news.

Alas: Stays close to Zeke, still sore from the fight.

Zeke: Tries to comfort Alas, and notices the silence Well....THIS is awkward.

Lily: I... Reese, are you okay now? She asks without meeting his eyes.

Alas: We must be close to the sirens by now....

Reese: I'm fine and I'll show you the coordinates...There's singing in the distance and a crazy and desperate look comes to Reese's eyes.

Lily: Her eyes widen in fear. She quickly puts earplugs in her ears. Guys, here, quick! She offers some earplugs.

Zeke: Put in earplugs and tries to restrain Reese Oooohh, no ya don't, buddy.....

Reese: Let me go! The look in his eyes has escalated to that of somone stark raving mad then begins to sob Let me go! Begins to struggle against Zeke trying to jump overboard

Lily: No, Reese, no! Tries to put the earplugs into his ears but Reese is just struggleng too much.

Alas: Quickly takes the ear plugs, once they are in her ears Reese, sorry about this, but you'll thank me later She uses her powers to cause try and cause Reese to lose his balance.

Reese: Reese becomes in-balanced but he still struggles to escape Zeke's restraints.

Lily: Reese, please, don't! She held his face in her hands, trying to make him look at her.

Alas: Goes, digs through her bag and finds rope, offers it to Lily and yells, maybe we should tie him up?

Lily: Reese, please stop! Or I'm gonna knock you out!

Zeke: Tries his best to hold Reese back. Damn, you're strong, bro.....As his feet begin to slide along the wood, he loses his grip.

Reese: Yes! Runs to the side of the deck and jumps over the edge. He begins swimming frantically twoards the Sirens island.

Alas: Runs to the controls, and gets the boat as close to shore as possible, angles the boat close enough to some rocks so they can get off there. Guys some one throw down the anchor and let's go get Reese before he does something stupid....

Lily: She yells. Reese! Come back! No!

Zeke: Gets as close to the edge of the boat he can, then sends a small enough jolt through the water to incapacitate him. Baldur!! Get your ass back on this boat!!!

Alas: Stows her sais on her back, takes her bo and uses it to jump out on to the rocks and yells so they'll hear her over the ear plugs I'm going to try and cut him off, run ahead onto the beach. She runs down the rocks, onto the beach and gets to the beach before Reese and positions herself

Zeke:Flies after them and tries to pull Reese back again. Come on!!!

Alas: realisation dawns on her face. Waaaait, when Tacey first got to camp, I remember he saying something about......Cameron was her boyfriend or something, she thought he was let's get back to the boat. puts her arm around Zeke and whispers don't worry I don't have any dead boyfriends to come back from my past.

The Combined QuestEdit

This is where the quests will continue together.

Alec: Follows after Tacey, still callin her name.He then sees Zeke and Alas trying to hold Reese back. Zeke? Alas? What the hell are you two-? Tacey!!! He runs after her as she gets closer to the Sirens.

Alas: Turns to see Tacey walking by her deeper into the island towards the sirens voice What the **** are you guys doing here? Does Tacey not have ear plugs in? Alas yells this and points to her ears to indicate ear plugs.....

Alec: What? What's-? He feels his ears and notices earplugs already in his ears. What the hell? He yells at Alas. Toss me some?!

Alas: Looks at Reese struggling out of the water, then back at Alec, runs a few steps towards him and tosses him her extra set, then goes back towards Reese to try and stop him at the beach until Zeke can catch up to him.

Zeke: Tackles Reese from behind

Tacey: disappears into the trees, headed towards the center of the island.

Reese: No, no, you gotta let me go. Begins to sob.

Alec: Follows after Tacey into the trees, trying to catch her and give her the earplugs

Zeke:Hell no!! He takes one of his earplugs and forces it into Reese's ear, then raises Reese's hand to his ear, before clapping his hand over his own ear.

Lily: Takes out a new set of earplugs, offers it to Zeke. Here. Come on, we have a job slaying monsters.

Alas: We'd better follow Alec and Tacey and them, although how they ended up here I have no idea, but I don't think Tacey had ear plugs in Says this while yelling to be heard over ear plugs

Reese: Calms down and stops struggling Whoa, what happened?

Alex: She runs over with her hands over her ears and yells. Where did Tacey and Alec go?

Reese: Tacey and Alec? How'd they get here? And how'd you get here?

Alex: That was my next question. We just docked here and then Tacey took off and Alec followed her.

Reese: I don't remember what happened until just now. I do remember a utopia and a sense of peace Smiles as he remembers it

Alex: She looks at the other for an explanation.

Zeke: Punches Reese on the arm. You d*ck. Now where did Page and his lady-friend go?

Reese: What'd I do?

Alex: She rolls her eyes at Reese, then turns back to Zeke. Judging from the way Tacey took off, I'm guessing the Sirens go to her....

Reese: I didn't do anything wrong! I have NO memery of like the past....while. I remember hearing singing. Then the utopia. But nada else.

Gab: What is going on?

Alas: Grabs her bo and turns around Come on guys we gotta catch up to them.... Takes off running towards where Alec and Tacey headed deeper into the island

Alex: She draws her sword and runs after Alas.

Reese: Sorry, I dunno what happened. Sprints off into the woods

Lily: Follows everyone else.

Alas: Catches up in time to see Alec follow Tacey into a clearing

Alec: 'Walks up slowly behind Tacey to put the ear plugs in her ears

Reese: Tumbles into the clearing Oh hey Alec, whatcha doin here?

Alec: He quickly turns to Reese and makes a shhh face. He begins to reacher closer to Tacey's ears

A shrouded figure, a few dozen yards away, moves

Tacey: Tacey sees the figure and despite the sirens song, she stops, not believing her own eyes, it couldn't be

Alec'':'' Uses this to quickly put the earplugs in her ears, then yells to be heard over them What're you doing?

Alex: She runs into the clearing using listening to her iPod to block out the Sirens' songs.

Zeke: Walks into the clearing, still looking at Reese strangely.

On the far side of the clearing from the questors are the three sirens.

Shrouded Figure: He stands, clearly having trouble as he does then he begins staggering towards the questors Beware, the, the, the, he collapses to the ground

Lily: Oh, gods! She begins running towards the collapsed man, but is hesitant.

As all the questors reach the clearing opposite the sirens, on one side of the sirens the Hydra appears, on the other the cyclops, behind them in the woods they hear rustling, as a few hell hounts and some harpies make there way behind the questors to block them in. Alex: Oh my gods.....You have got to be freakin' kidding me... She draws her sword and glares at the monsters.

Alec: Pulls out Morningstar and a Tomahawk. Well......His body glows. This should be interesting.....

Tacey: ignoring the danger she's drawn to the shrouded figure on the ground about half way between her and the harpies, she draws her sword and starts walking towards it

Lily: She readies her sword and sees Tacey walking towards the monsters, alone. She uses geokinesis to create obstacles in Tacey's path, like some rocks and shakes the ground a little bit. Tacey, don't!

Shrouded Figure: His head snaps up revealing the face of Cameron Trubey Wait, Tacey?

Alec: Sees Tacey walking toward the shrouded figure, and goes after her. Tacey no!!!

Tacey: ignores the others and stops a couple of yards from Cameron and stares in disbelief

Alas: 'Stands next to Zeke, sais at the ready What the hell is Tacey doing....

The monsters slowly box them into the clearing, but wait to act

Zeke: No clue....Which probably isn't good...

Cameron: Unsuccessfully tries to rouse himself and draws his dirk.

Alec: Shines an exceedingly bright beam of light in Cameron's face, then fires several arrows at his face.

Tacey: Realising who it is, but still not believing who it is, she turns, putting herself between Cameron and the arrows and pushes him back, an arrow grazes her shoulder, drawing blood. She, turns, looks, at Alec, with confusion in her eyes, draws her sword, and turns and run towards the sirnes.

Before anyone else can react, the hydra, cyclops, 2 hellhounds and 2 harpies move in for the attack.

Alec:Stares at Tacey in disbelief, then his face darkens as he fires arrows at the Cyclops

Gab: She makes a bow and arrows out of shadows and fires some at the hellhounds

As hellhound closes into Zeke, there is a crack of a bow, and it hits the hellhounds back. The person who shot the bow is Tristan.

Tristan: *Smirks* Hey, has anyone seen my staff? I'm a bit rusty with this bow.

Zeke: Summons a bolt of lightning tot strike the hellhound. Yea, thanks

Reese: Sup Tristan? What happened?

Alas: Dodges a harpy, then throws a sai at it from behind, disintegrating it Tristan where have you been? Sees Tacey running towards the sirnes Ummmm guys Tacey has apparently gone nuts and is heading towards the sirens alone.....

The lightning bolt takes out one of the hellhounds, Gab's arrow of darkness sinks its mark but keeps coming at her.

Alec: Runs after Tacey. What the hell are you doing?!

Lily: Tristan!!! You're alive! She then sees Tacey and uses geokinesis to make Tacey stumble and fall. When a harpy comes for her she stabs it with her sword but got a scratch on her shoulder.

Final harpy down, a single hellhound left attacking Gab

Alas: What's the plan to take out the Hydra, I've never been up against one, but I've heard about them.

Tacey: Stumbles and falls, in the path of the hydra

Lily: Oh, gods! Tacey, come back! And Zeke! Maybe you can burn it with electricity?!

Tristan: *Shoots another arrow at one of the hydra's eye*Well, I was captured by the birds, who dragged me to the cyclopes. I had to use my powers to starve one to death and I stole his bow. Then,I followed them and they led me here.

Alec: Runs up to Tacey, heals her wound, then fires a volley of arrows at the Hydra's eyes.

Zeke:Sounding a little winded. Ok, Let's see if I can.... Calls down more lightning, striking the Hydra's middle head

Alas: Hmmm let's see how the Hydra moves if it has no balance Focuses all her power on causing the hydra to lose all balance, the hydra weaves and topples, it's head acting like drunk sailors, Alas kneels to regain her strength

Tacey: Points to the sirens and motions to her throat, trying to indicate that killing them will bring her voice back

Tristan: *Looks at Tracey Quizzically* Hmmm, this will take up a lot of energy, but I can try starving the sirens to weakness, if it makess them easier to kill?

Alas: I can try causing imbalance on them at the same time, maybe it'll take some stress off you

Lily: I can... just kill one. Points at the nearest Siren When they're imbalanced. When you're ready, Alas.

Alas: I wonder if they all have to die for her to get her voice back....well I'm going to go for that middle one first, so....ready? here goes nothing....Alas focuses on the middle Siren, the siren starts to sway, screaming louder in anger, and falls over...

Lily: Shadow travels away behind the Siren, and stabs her sword to the Siren's back. She exploded into dust. Yeah!

Tristan: *Starves one of the sirens to death and collapses*

Alas: Causes the last siren to topple from lack of balance, then kneels by Tristan and gives him a piece of ambrosia from her jacket. Guys we still got the Cyclops and Hydra to deal with...and that last siren

The last siren tries to turn towards Lily to attack her, but her lack of balance makes it hard. The hydra roars and advances on Zeke, Alas, Tristan and the others, while the Cyclops makes for the hooded figure, Tacey and Alec.

Tristan: *Tries to get up and shakes off the pain* Lily! Watch out!

Alas: Hits the hydra with another wave of imbalance, knocking her on her ass from the energy drain, the hydra falls, the heads sway like drunken sailors.

Tristan: Just the Cyclops and the Siren left. Any ideas?

Alas: Well it would be nice if someone could finish off the Hydra while it's down and unbalanced, I don't think I have the strength to hit it again....

Alex: I'll get it. She lobs jars of Greek fire at the heads and watches them explode.

Tristan: *Sends a poison ivy vine at the Cyclops, pinning it down* You wanna kill it?

Alec:Throws tomahawks and fires arrows at the sirens

Alex: I suppose so. She draws her sword and stabs it in the stomach.

Tacey: With the sirens dead she looks at Alec, and with tears in her eyes, she turns and runs back to the figure he fired arrows at earlier and yells Cameron, are you ok Reaching him she pulls his hood back, revealing Cameron, her exboyfriend she thought was dead. What happened where are our parents? How did you survive?

Alec: His body begins to glow with rage. He then runs up to Cameron and Punches him in the face with all his strength.

Cameron: Is flung back a couple yards, his jaw and nose bleeding and his left eye swelling up through puffy lips he says What was that for?

Alec: Points Morningstar at his face. I'd advise you not to get up. Now, who the hell are you?

Tacey: Looks at Alec with tears in her eyes Alec, I just....I just need answers, my dad.......if Cameron's alive.......She utterly breaks down sobbing

Cameron: Glares at Alec Cameron Trubey, son of Koios. I'm a....Smiles let's call it friend of hers.

Alec: CLEARLY you want me to hit you again.....

Cameron: Ha. I'm a child of Koios You're weapons won't do much good against me, I'll just repel them and as for punches, I'm not to shabby hand-to-hand combat, idiot.

Tacey': Tears still streaming down her face, she looks at Alec with pleading eyes, then slaps Cameron Don' between sobs What happened to my father? Were you able to find any of the others....

Cameron: Holds his jaw What is it with you and him hitting me? and why not he IS an idiot. And yeah. I tried to find our parents. You can see now my success. I came trying to find them, the cyclopes caught us, you got away, and I was stuck here.

Alec:Begins to inflame and swell his appendix and kidneys, but then looks at Tacey and relents. Very well

Tacey: Well at least you are alive, I never thought I would see you again, I thought you were dead......Hugs Cameron

Cameron: Hugs her back and behind her back he smiles victoriously

Alec: Resumes to inflame and swell Cameron's appendix and kidneys

Cameron: Winces in pain Dude, not cool.

Alec: Yea, I'm quite the idiot, huh?

Tacey: Pulls away Alec what are you doing, he's not an enemy, he's...he was.....he's....he's my friend.....

Cameron: Stares Daggers at Alec

Alec: Yeah....your "friend".... Well, if everyone's all good, I'll be in the yacht. Intensfies the pain, holds it on him for a moment giving Cameron a death-stare, then relents and walks away, his face dark as the castslight away from it, Throwing a tomahawk into the sand as he goes.

Cameron: Damn he's a d*ck

Zeke:Whispers to Alas Yea, he's one to talk....

Alas: Stifles a giggle, sees that Tacey is clearly upset and goes over to her to offer comfort Hey Tacey, you ok?

Tacey: Seems as if she wants to speak, but can't think of the words, looks at Cameron, not with love, just confused That "dick" happens to be love him, I'm sorry but I do, and flow down her cheeks all of this.......I don't know what I'll do if I just lost him over this....with tears streaming down her face, she turns from them and walks towards the boats alone.

Tristan: Awks.....So, I know this is a bad time, but *Turns to Cameron* who exactly are you?

Lily: Let's just go back to the boat. Starts walking towards the boat.

Zeke: Excellent idea. cuz this all happened so fast, and with the drama, I'm a bit dizzy...It'd be safe to say we all need to chill a bit.

Alas: realisation dawns on her face. Waaaait, when Tacey first got to camp, I remember he saying something about......Cameron was her boyfriend or something, she thought he was let's get back to the boat. puts her arm around Zeke and whispers don't worry I don't have any dead boyfriends to come back from my past.

Zeke: Oh, thank the gods. Though that DOES suck for Tacey and Page....

Back at the boat

Tacey: Walks up to the boat, alone, sees Alec, tears streaming down her face Alec please...let me explain.....

Tristan: *Still confused, as he walks past them and mutters to himself* You get cpatured by a gang of Cyclopes, and you miss all the good stuff. *Walks to Alas* So, whats the plan now?

Alas: Trying to ignore the drama that is currently Alec and Tacey Well at some point we should probably head back. I heard that their boat took a good deal of damage on the way here, we should probably have them come back with us.....

Cameron: Walks on boat and sees Alec and Tacey Grrr, Stalks off to below decks

Tristan: Riiight. So, should I invite them into our humble love boat, or you?

Alas: So speaking to the questors who came with Tacey Since your boat is shot to hell, why don't we all go back together.....

Alec: Wipes a tear from his eye. Go ahead....

Tacey: The only thought I had in my head when I saw Cameron was that maybe if he's alive my dad is too, I don't love Cameron, I never did, not like I love you, I'm meant to be with you, not him, but I can't ignore that he used to be part of my past....I can't lose you.....I just can't breaks down crying harder

Alec: He wraps his arms around her and hugs her. It's ok, Tacey. I understand. Besides, I love you too much to let you go.

Tacey: Sinks into Alec's arms and buries her head in on his shoulder I love you, and I love that I can finally tell you that

Alec: Smiles. If it makes you feel any better, you have a very beautiful voice. It IS nice to hear it from you

Tacey: Looks up at him and smiles, then kisses him deeply, oblivious to the others around them

Alas: clears her throat Are we ummmm ready to get back to camp?

Alec:Kisses back, just as deeply

Zeke:Puts an arm around Alas. Why don't we have moments like that?

Tristan: *To Alas and Zeke* Oh, Puh-lease guys! Lets just get home now. I think we've all had enough action for a while.

Lily: Glares at Tristan, looks at Alas and Zeke, then stares at Tristan longingly.

Alas: Smiles mischievously and takes Zeke's hand and they disappear below deck

Tacey: Stops kissing Alec, looks around oh did I hear someone suggest we go back together, I'm up for that, our anchor got ripped out

Zeke: Chuckles and follows Alas

Alec: Looks up. Uhhh, Yea. The thing's been beaten to sh*t.

Alas: Ok then if everyone's aboard I'll take up the anchor and we'll get back to camp

Alex: Sounds good. She finds a spot on the floor and lays down, trying to sleep.

Reese: Walks over and sits down by Lily Hi Lily.