Koji pulls her into a tent he's set up at camp

Mathai: She giggles, then smiles It's so cozy in here.

Koji: He grins. Thanks. Cozy was what I was aiming for. But yea, I was wanting to talk to you....about us.

Mathai: Sure, anything.

Koji: Well, before we left, we only got to go on one date-date. And we never actually defined our relationship. So, since in the next few days, we could die, I was just wondering, if you'd want to officially be my girlfriend? He smiles hopefully.

Mathai: Of course, Koji!! She embraces him, then kisses him on the lips You're a hero, an amazing fighter, and really cute too. I'd be honored to be your girlfriend.

Koji: He grins and pulls her closer as he kisses back. Excellent! I really needed to hear that.

Mathai: Oh and with you as a leader, no one should be dying. She hugs him tightly

Koji: He hugs back. Thanks, babe. He kisses her on the forehead. But now, I'm a bit beat. He takes off his shirt before he pulls a lunchbox out of his backpack and eats a sandwich as he lies down on his bedroll. C'mon. He pats the spot next to him.

Mathai: She crawls to the spot he patted and cuddles up besides him. Night, cutie.

Koji:'Night, babe. He wraps his arms around her and smiles as he soon falls asleep.