Urban Arena

  • This arena is essentially a small abandoned city, overgrown with vegetation and some of the buildings crumbling in decay.
  • Located in the middle of the arena is a small abandoned park, with a pond
  • This arena has all the typical things you'd find in an abandoned overgrown city, everything from flat surfaces to small buildings to tall skyscrapers, some crumbling, some still standing, lots of dark places to hide, including an underground subway tunnel. There are abandoned cars, and things can still be found within the buildings, perhaps even a few stray cats or dogs, or some smaller creatures such as rats and spiders.
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements

  • Lucas: Lucas looks outside from a first floor window out of a building he had dashed in when he'd heard a commotion going on and someone yelled that there were campers around. He notices a girl a bit apart from the others, brandishing her weapons, and pulls out his sword. Taking a few minutes while he's still concealed inside the building he tosses on his chain mail shirt over his long sleeve white shirt, then puts his leather bracers on, besides that he's wearing jeans and boots that go up his shin. Once he's ready he light travels about 25 yards behind Cass and gets in a defensive stance.
  • Cassadee: Already prepared for battle, wearing a Celestial Bronze breastplate, ebony combat boots, and gauntlets covering the forearms, she scans her surroundings, the wind blowing light puffs of air at her hair, tied back. She brandishes her mace wearily, and turns to see Lucas. His appearance softens her impression on him; she gives him a soft smile, later realizing he was clearly prepared for battle. She raises her mace tauntingly, and eyes her surroundings once again. In between the two lay open road, considering they were on a street. Parked cars clearly abandoned were stationary alongside the road. Various shops and buildings laced the road as it stretched outward, the farthest thing in sight was a parking lot littered with tiny specks that were too far away to identify. She turns back to Lucas and nods. She takes a shallow breath and possesses his sword, moving in front of him, then slashes sideways at his unprotected thigh..
  • Lucas: Lucas grins and jumps back, narrowly avoiding the first slash of his sword that's now being used against him. Deciding he'd be at more of an advantage to use weapons he could fashion out of light, he abandons his sword and light travels to the roof of a nearby shop that from the looks, the first story is an old deli, and the second story some kind of apartment. Once on the roof he focuses an intense beam of light on a the gas tank of a couple of cars between him and Cass in an attempt to cause them to explode in to fiery infernos. He then heads for a fire escape he sees at the side of the roof and climbs down to the first landing, keeping his focus from the general direction of where Cass might come from. As he has no clue who her god parent is, he can only cross out some, as she had clearly possessed his sword, narrowing down the possibilities and power scopes she could potentially possess.
  • Cassadee: She flings herself, a sword, forcefully at the ground in frustration, as she had swung nothing but the air. The jolt of being hit on the ground startles her spirit back into her own body. She gasps for air quickly, then turns, left to right, in search of Lucas. She becomes alarmed by a beam of light that had been reflecting off a car nearby herself. Cassadee trails it back to the gas tank, then to Lucas. She smirks and slowly loses consciousness, as she fades away from his wanton action. Her thoughts and feelings slip away quickly, after a few seconds like the ripping off of a Band-Aid. She gradually materializes in the apartment floor of the building. Clearly, she had transported herself in an old abandoned, small apartment. A small kitchen, a few feet in front of her, with a stove, knives held in their holder to the right of the stove, and a row of pantries on the other side of the stove area. She was resting on a couch, in what seemed to be the living room area, the television was dusty, and there was only one couch, the one she was sitting in. A stand was by it, a lamp, still on, giving off a faint light source. She summoned a group of three ghosts, and told them of Lucas' location, then ordered it to cause him to fall off the escape.
  • Lucas: after what feels like an eternity, but is in actuality maybe a minute at most, he notices a shadow pass near a light shining out of a window near him. Realising she may in fact already be in the building, indicating she could have some type of travelling power herself, he starts to feel on edge and decides to bend the light around him to conceal his location temporarily. He noticed the fire escape must be outside a bedroom, the window open about 6 inches. In it he can just make out an old bed stripped of any bedding and on one side some old boxes and newspaper, ideal for a fire. Just as he directs a beam of light to start a fire in the room, in the hopes to herd the girl out in the open, he starts to feel a chill as the ghost descend upon him from above, as his last position had been on the roof it would have been the first place they started looking for him. One ghost began to try and use energy to loosen the bolts holding the fire escape in place. By the sounds of it, he figured he had a few seconds to make sure the fire was started and get down to the ground below him. Once the fire was well started, he ditched his temporary concealment, created a grappling hook and rope out of light. He tossed the grappling hook to grip the roof of the two story building next to the deli, and swung himself off the fire escape and started shimmying down to the alley way between the two buildings.
  • Cassadee: She waits anxiously, regaining energy, yet anticipating the return of the ghosts she summoned. After minutes, one returns, the others had run out of energy; it explained the situation, mentioned the fire, and told of Lucas' whereabouts. She scowled, and set it off, then ghost travels hastily to the building adjacent to the one Lucas had been shimmying down. The ground of the alleyway's sprinkled with trash, bottles and paper/plastic wrappers. It has a dead end 5 feet to the left of Lucas, and a dumpster lay at the end. She smirks maliciously, then possesses the rope that's fastened to the hook, and coils herself around Lucas' in a snake like manner, squeezing as hard as she can; after, she releases the rope, and braces herself. She brings her mace overhead, and jumps down, aiming to smash Lucas' head or shoulder, while he's being unraveled.

OOC: just to note for whomever judges >.< as he's at the end of a rope and probably at this point only 5 to 7 feet off the ground there's really not much "rope" to coil around him, so there's no way I can realistically respond to that particular action, and she doesn't say where she jumped from but I asked on skype and she said the roof

  • Lucas: As Lucas is nearly to the ground below, he feels an odd sensation in the rope, but as the rope is already pulled tight with his weight on the end of it, there isn't enough excess for anything to actually coil around him. Not wanting to wait, he jumps the last 5 feet to the ground and disperses the rope back to nothing. He looks up just in time to see Cass jumping from the roof of the second story building. Having a moment of compassion, as if she dies or is injured he'd rather it be by his hands and not by accident, as he runs towards the open end of the alley way he makes one of those big bags made of air below her. Though the fall should still knock some wind of out her, at least she won't break her neck. Her smirks and once he's made the 30 feet to the open end of the alley way, he looks back and waits for her to land. He calls out to her.. Darling if you want to die that badly, all you have to do is ask, I promise I'll make it as painless as possible he grins.
  • Cassadee: She cuts through the air, her armor and mace's weight quickening the process. In seconds, she hits the bag of air, shock courses through her body, pins and needles of pain wracking her nerves. She cringes and curls up in a ball, then, assuming it would cease the pain, she goes into an intangible state, and summons a banshee to distract him in the meantime. She cautiously gets up and spies a car in the road in front of the alleyway, an old Buggy, she quickly possesses it. It roars to life, headlights dim; she turns in the direction of the alley way and begins to drive over at an intense speed, its headlights were covered with grime, and its color was greyed, which gave it a ghastly look, very much appropriate for a ghost car.

OOC no idea how to respond as the only two "buggies" I know of, one is pulled by horses and one is usually used out off terrain and is called a dune buggy, neither one are cars >.<

OOC I asked on skype, she meant VW Bug the car >.<

  • Lucas: he hears the car start up, the engine quite old and making a lot of noise as it sputters to life. Taking his attention off Cass, he looks over at the rusty old VW Bug and grins, he manages to light travel just in time, narrowly missing the car and pops up on top of some type of large war memorial across the street. He directs a beam of light to try and pop the tires on the car, which would cause Cass to have an even harder time controlling it. Then he aims for the gas tank.
  • Cassadee: She feels the intense heat on her tires, and whirls to a turn in its direction. Recklessly, she hits the pedal of the car hard, and drives towards the memorial at a exquisite, acute speed. Just before she was about to crash into the place, she releases the vehicle, and returns to her pain-filled body. The salty, thin taste of blood filled her mouth, and it felt as if her bones had been emptied from her skin, leaving an empty and weak piece of flesh. She got up, excruciating pain coursing through her whole body. The collision of the car and monument sends off a menacing roar of destruction and demolition, which alerts her immediately. She weakly scampers out of the alley, and towards its direction. Worried about Lucas' whereabouts, she summons a poltergeist to locate it and pelt various garbage at him when spotted.
  • Lucas: As a VW bug is a very small car and didn't have the distance to get up to full speed before hitting the monument, the monument is cracked but still intact. However, as the top part where Lucas was crouched was a polished smooth stone, the force of the impact was enough to force him to lose his balance and slip, falling 8 feet backwards, some overgrown bushes breaking his fall, but the wind is still knocked out of him. As the poltergeist nears him, the air chills, the poltergeist picks up a nearby bottle and throws it at Lucas. It lands square on his chest and shatters, but his chainmail prevents any glass from cutting him. He throws up a forcefield of light to deflect the onslaught of garbage and things that the poltergeist starts to throw at him. While maintaining the shield, he manages to regain his breath from having the wind knocked out of him, and positions himself into a crouch.
  • Cassadee: Arriving at before the monument, with the VW bug protruding from its base, smoke rising from it in an array of curlicues. To the sides of the monument are two large department stores, behind the monument lay a row of bushes, a fence behind the them. Seeing the bright, yellow luminescence of the forcefield alerts her immediately, and she weakly limps over to the area. Seeing the field would obliterate any projectiles, she musters up some energy, goes intangible, then ghost travels to the gas tank; after, she takes the tank, and travels back to the force field, solidifying the tank between the hot, bright, energy field.
  • Lucas: As he sees Cass travelling back in front of the forcefield, he sees the large metal tank in its intangible state being moved towards the forcefield. He winces, as the tank appears old and rusty, he doubts there's much gas left in it, but it does appear to be worse for the wear, as the gas tank in a VW Bug is located in the front and the engine in the back, it took the full force of the hit on the monument. The moment the tank is in place and goes tangible, he lets the forcefield down and ducks for cover as what little gas remained in the tank explodes into a fire ball. He feels the heat, but as he's mostly covered with armour and clothing, the fire ball was not as large as it would have been if it had a full tank of gas. The back of his neck is red and his hair a bit singed, but that's all. He immediately turns and gets in a defensive stance, prepared to conjure whatever weapon out of light he may need to counter Cass's attack, but at this point because it's clear she is most likely a child of Melinoe, based on the ghosts and intangible and possessing powers she's used on him, figuring it best to let her have the first move. He glares at her, he's quite tired at this point, but it's not his first fight and he knows better than to act recklessly.
  • Cassadee: As the gas tank explodes with a starburst of tired flames and light, she winces, out of pure instinct, but as she was intangible, it did her no harm to even look at the sight. She slowly solidifies; upon returning to her tangible state, she almost collapses, an outcome of her large use of energy. She fixes her stance and scowls. Guess you're into that ladies first junk. She shrugs and mutters several words under her thin breath. She had called forth a poltergeist and banshee to aid her in combat with her ever-so cunning opponent. She pulls out a pair of ear plugs she carries with her in the case of running into wandering banshees, or doesn't have the energy to avoid their sorrowful wails. She positions them in her ears, then puts a hand on her bracelet, a bright silver. Slowly, her bracelet changes it's appearance, going from a lustrous silver to a color as black as night, with tinges of silver starbursts that glimmered like unmerciful stars, bright and confident. Celestial Bronze spikes protruded from the whip, teething the whip and adding a lethal sense to it. She took the whip, and lashed it at Lucas, just as the poltergeist begins hurling debris and the banshee's melancholy howls pierced through the abandoned city. Her lashes were confident and cross-hatched, full of the utter force and power; having gotten the whip at such a young age, it felt like an extent to her arm, fluid, yet powerful, she aimed for his face/neck area.
  • Lucas: Because of the wailing banshee, he hesitates to defend himself and the whip lashes down, cutting his cheek and causing a shallow cut, drawing a bit of blood, but as the whip lashes down it comes in contact with his chainmail and does no damage. He scowls and then after getting pelted by a couple of rocks, he manages to create a full body armour out of light, blunting any more objects that come his way

Lucas wins by default

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