Regular DutiesEdit

  1. Reg Claims
  2. BC Claims
  3. User/Char Forum Updates
  4. Quest Stuff
  5. Counsellor Challenge Stuff
  6. Monitor Voting Forums
  7. Monitor RB/Admin/Crat bi-weekly activity levels

Activities StuffEdit

  1. Revamp Monster Training
  2. Help migs (presuming he's still working on it since he stepped down to RB) with adding arenas to the counsellor challenges
  3. Revamp regular training
  4. Revamp quests
  5. Try and get BC missions going
  6. Work on skirmish test

Special TasksEdit

  1. Create better "how to" stuff for Admin team tasks, etc
  2. Create better "how to" stuff for newbs
  3. Revamp BC Demigod powers
  4. Update the official to do list
  5. Decide what contests to run next month (November)
  6. Fixing red links
  7. Erotiads of the Wiki
  8. Forum:Image Policy Examples
  9. Forum:Images up for Grabs
  10. Forum:Bach's Extra Images
  11. Update LL Stuff
  12. Add users who left to the user/char forum in the new section
  13. Work on the news idea
  14. Help flame with the currency idea
  15. Do a thorough cabin count

Bot/AWB TasksEdit

  1. Categorising/fixing/deleting images
  2. Categorising/fixing/deleting templates

Personal TasksEdit

  1. Work on Heph/Ares couple with Bloom
  2. Work on male erotiad with Del
  3. Update relationship page User:BachLynn23/My Characters
  4. Create Lucas
  5. Re-code charie pages
  6. Start some quests

Ongoing TasksEdit

  1. Archiving comments
  2. Monitor pages that need work (stubs, etc)

Tasks with Special DatesEdit

  1. 10/25 put up the scary char contest to vote on the wiki
  2. 10/31 judge contests
  3. 10/31 put up new contests for November

Off Wiki StuffEdit

  1. Write a character child of Selene on wattpad (requested by another wattpad user)
  2. Write a poem for a wattpad user per her request
  3. Write a character for an Underworld water nymph (for wattpad)
  4. Clean out the refrigerator
  5. Vacuum
  6. Give the dog a bath

Other Wiki's to Work onEdit

  1. Warehouse 14 rpg wiki

Quests & RP's to Post OnEdit

  1. Lilith's Letter Phase Two/BC Team Three (Needs to crossover to Ghanzou)
  2. Lilith's Letter Phase Two/Crossover Team Four
    1. 10 Koenig Street
  3. Izama Brothers Quest
  4. Lilith's Letter Phase Two/Crossover Team Two
  5. Lilith's Letter Phase Two/Crossover Team Three
  6. Brendan & Jacky and Luther, Rex, Brock and Anthony
  7. Mika and Bach's RP

School StuffEdit

  1. Finish 6 page research paper by 10/14
  2. Pass in discussion question answer by 10/11
  3. Finish reg assignment by 10/14
  4. Get text book from mail by 10/15