Child of Nyx ~ Camper
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The world will give you that once in awhile, a brief timeout; the boxing bell rings and you go to your corner, where somebody dabs mercy on your beat-up life.

–Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees:

Basic Info
Full Name: Brock Latham Garreth
Titles: The Flaming Shadow
Child of Night
Son of Nyx
Location: Nyx's Cabin
Affiliation: Camp
Status: Alive
Relationship Status: Single
Born: 17 June 1993, Gemini ♊
Age: 20
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Gay/Confused Bi-curious Maybe >.<
Accent: Southern/American
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Family Info
Mother: Nyx
Father: Randy Garreth †
Half Siblings: Other Nyx kids
Full Siblings: None
Other Relatives: Harold and Nancy Garreth (Paternal Grandparents)
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Model: This Guy
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Height: 6'3
Weight: 170lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Handedness: Right
Shoe Size: 13
Blood Type: O+
Voice: Deep/Bass
Distinguishing Marks: Scars on his back, right leg, left shoulder and back of his head from the accident
Body Type: Athletic/Skinny
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OOC Info
Owner: Bach
Inspiration: My first full on gay character, but also based on my health conditions
Relationship & Interests: Single (Dibs'd by Wonder)
Active RP's: None
Created On: 24 March 2012
Last Updated: 14 January 2014
Future Plans: Has plans, see below
Powers: Has 3/6/9 Month, no prizes used
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Bedroom: His Bedroom
Pets: His birds, Pidgey and Pudgey
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Special Skills: Ok with swords, prefers using his powers
Preferred Weapons: Powers
Strengths: Defensive
Weaknesses: Offensive
Has pain conditions, tires easily
Missions/Quests Led: 0
Missions/Quests Been On: 1
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Early Childhood
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts (first)
Greenbow, Alabama
Earliest Memory: First Easter with his father
Best Memory: Coming out of the closet to Anthony and being accepted
Schooling: Public, last grade completed 9th, got his GED after coming out of his coma
First Kiss: Anthony
First Sex: Anthony
First Love: Anthony
Other Firsts: First Car
Red Honda Civic
First Crush
Nathan Stuart
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General Info
Nicknames: Ken, Rick
Native Language: English
Character Flaw: Often wears his heart on his sleeve and trusts people he shouldn't
Fears/Phobias: Crowds
Hobbies: Drawing
Personal Motto: Semper Verum
Things He Won't Do:
Most Admires: Elysine Aenar
Most Influenced By: His past mistakes
Moral Compass: Isn't sure where it points
Most Important Person Before: Anthony
Most Important Person Now: His friends
Reacts to Crises: He bottles things up, so he'll appear calm on the outside, but not on the inside
Faces Their Problems: At first he'll want to run away, but usually mans up and deals with shit
Reacts to Change: Takes awhile to adapt
Alignment: He's mostly true neutral
Dream Job: Therapist
Current Job: Pizza place in town
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Likes: Writing
Late night walks
Dislikes: Dishonesty
Loud noises
Colour: Black
Music: Instrumental
Food: Complicated
Animal: Wolves
Book: Any
Quote: “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't.”
Drink: Water
Song: Anything by Maroon 5
Movie: Schindler's List
Sport: Legend of the falls
Other Favs: Car
American Football Team
St. Louis Rams
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Vices: Recovering alcoholic
Bad Habits: Doesn't always think with the head on top of his shoulders
Sleeping Habits: Insomniac
Quirks: Talks in his sleep
Attitude: A bit of a pessimist, but tries to hide it
Special Talents: Actually has a really nice singing voice if you can get him to sing for you
Social Skills: Quiet
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One Word to Describe: Complicated
Best Physical Trait: Arms
Worst Physical Trait: Anywhere there's scars
Mental/Emotional State: Not Great/Struggles at times, especially around crowds, alcohol or loud noises
Things to Change: To be healthier
Mental/Emotional disorders: PTSD
Medical Problems/Ailments: Fibromyalgia
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Other Info
Most at Ease When?: He's in the dark
Main Priorities: Getting healthier, exercising more
Past Failures: Causing the accident that killed his boyfriend, 21 July 2007
Biggest Accomplishment: Getting through rehabilitation after his accident and coma
Darkest Secret?: He cheated on Anthony with a classmate and never told him
Secret Known by Anyone?: The classmate, wherever they are
Personal Tragedy: Causing the accident that killed his boyfriend
One Wish: For Anthony to be happy
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If someone were to harm my family or a friend or somebody I love, I would eat them. I might end up in jail for 500 years, but I would eat them.

–Johnny Depp


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Since his boyfriend Anthony was killed in an accident while Brock was at the wheel, he is a bit reserved around people. Because of his PTSD, he sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night from nigh terrors, and finds he often can't sleep at all. Because of the Fibromyalgia, and lingering injuries, he is always in pain. He generally avoids drinking alcohol, because bad things always seems to happen when he does, and he's a very unhappy drunk, more apt to cut or hurt himself.

Since dating Lucas, he's been a bit more upbeat, Lucas's personality really offsets Brock's. Lucas also really makes Brock, very happy and content.

So Lucas left, yea...... So he's back to be rather moody, gloomy, etc.

He's currently a bit confused about his sexuality....


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File:Owl135.gifFile:Owl135 flipped.gif

Randy Garreth was a troubled young man, who was raised in a strict Christian home, and who suffered from insomnia, while he was in college earning his Master's in psychology he often found himself walking around at night, enjoying the feel of the darkness around him. Of course, no one who enjoyed darkness this much would go unnoticed by Nyx. After a brief, but passionate love affair, Nyx bore Randy a son, Brock.

For the first few years, raising Brock on his own, despite his parents objections, seemed ok, but one night while Randy was wandering around in the dark, a mugger randomly attacked him, and as he tried to fight back, the mugger's gun went off, killing Randy.

Brock was sent to live with his uber religious grandparents, and years of repression and abuse ensued. As Brock grew, and reached puberty, he started having feelings for boys, in a much more than just friend way. However, being raised by almost fanatical religious grandparents, made this especially hard for him to deal with. When he turned 13, he started noticing odd monsters following him around.

He had two close friends at that point, Anthony and Colin Moss. One night when they were hanging out together in the park, a hellhound attacked them, and Colin helped them defend themselves and told them the truth, that they were both demigods. Neither Anthony nor Brock wanted to go to camp at the time, so they stuck together, and did the best they could to keep monsters at bay. By 15, they were head over heels in love. Unfortunately, their love was kept secret, because Brock did not have the courage to come out to his grandparents, and being raised in a very southern, very religious community, they would have been severely flamed for it.

Shortly after Brock's 15th birthday, Brock and Anthony had the house to themselves; they raided his grandparent’s liqueur cabinet. Unfortunately, for them, Brock's grandparents came home earlier than expected, and caught Brock and Anthony making love on the living room couch. His grandfather irate with what he walked in on, grabbed a shotgun in a nearby cabinet and threatened to shoot both Anthony and Brock, and demanded they leave the house. Still intoxicated and now upset from being caught and kicked out, Brock jumped in the driver's seat of his beaten up old car. Anthony tried to talk Brock out of driving, that they should walk instead, but Brock was determined. About a mile later, between the rain, the dark and the intoxication, Brock lost control of the car and drove head first into a utility pole.

Anthony was killed instantly; Brock was alive, but barely. He was in a coma for 2 years. He came out of the coma and after six months of rigorous rehabilitation, Brock was found by another satyr, and brought to live at camp year round.

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Nyx&#039;s sybol

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Additional Information

Brock Garreth ~ Child of Nyx
2012-03-23 2251 vers two
“Just keep moving forward and don't give a shit about what anybody thinks. Do what you have to do, for you.”
    ~ Johnny Depp


Brock Garreth ~ Child of Nyx
2012-03-23 2251 vers two
“if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.”
    ~ Johnny Depp
Freshwater lakes

Plans/Quest Ideas

WT's dibsed him, so eventually he'll hook up with one of her chars, well permanently, well semi-permanently knowing us. Not sure who yet. Must plan and scheme and work at it for a bit first >:D

Someone has stolen the Fates sheers, as they were the children of Nyx, Nyx has asked Brock to help. The real culprit is Moros, he feels jilted that though he's the god of "doom" the fates get to control the sheers.

Figure out what his true sexuality is, now that he's slept with a girl for the first time ever, he kissed another girl as a test but felt nothing. He has no idea what got him attracted to Danica.

Nyx and Erebus are suddenly bickering and fighting, and no one knows why, if this keeps up, the more they fight, the less and less daylight each day will see. This is really pissing off Apollo, and if something isn't done soon, there could be a huge war. (End game, goes something like, a group of BC members managed to steal an apple of discord from Eris, and plant it to cause problems with Nyx and Erebus. They are too busy fighting to realise they are being played, the apple must be found and destroyed.)

How He Relates to Others
Ever Cheated? Yes
Relates to Others? He's usually quiet at first with people he doesn't know, and is often afraid he'll say the wrong thing or that they'll judge him for being gay
Perceived by Strangers Quiet, doesn't say much
Perceived by Lover Passionate, but broken
Perceived by Friends Loyal
Perceived by Family A freak, at least by the family that's still alive
First Impression Quiet
Family/Friends Like Most? He's loyal
Family/Friends Like Least He can get moody when he doesn't feel good or is upset

Name Relation Feelings
Ace Black Ex
Erion Maze Friend Ace's ex-boyfriend
Tristan Carter Friend
Micah Bachelder Friend He seems nice
Finn Holiday Friend
Luther Amery Ex Boyfriend
Sapphire Friend Quested with her
Anthony Loiselle Ex-boyfriend
Lucas Hawthorn


Lucas broke Brock's heart
Danica O.O idk He's never been attracted to a girl in over 19 years, but suddenly one drunken afternoon he ended up having a fling with her, he doesn't know what to make of it yet
Glen Adams Just met Not sure
Adrian Just met Not sure
Holden Snider Friend He's pretty cool, after a drunken game of truth or dare in Atlantic city with friends we soooorta slept together and let Skylar record it >.< but we totally aren't going to date
Skylar Lune Friend I guess? Went to Atlantic City with him, played drunk truth or dare, shit happened, shit no one shall speak of ever again >.<

His Life at Camp

So he arrived at camp and immediately ended up in a fling with Ace Black, but what he didn't know was Ace had a boyfriend, Erion Maze, who walked in on them by accident while they were, in a rather awkward position, and was quite upset. For awhile after that he had a hard time finding someone to live up to the first impression Ace made on him as well as Anthony's memory, and casually dated a few guys, Finn Holiday, Tristan Carter and Micah Bachelder.

After coming back from a rather long quest for Sapphire, after getting back he met Luther Amery. Things went well for awhile, but Brock caught Luther cheating on him with Rex Gadway. They broke up for a bit, but after awhile Brock forgave Luther and they got back together. However, after awhile, Brock found out Ace broke things off with Erion, and he ended up cheating on Luther with Ace and broke up with Luther to be with Ace, but it wasn't long before Ace realised he really wanted to be with Vala Harkness and broke up with Brock to be with her.

Unfortunately at the time Brock had been off his meds, both emotional and physical ones, and was feeling quite shitty. Having Ace dump him sent him over the edge and he started drinking again, which he hadn't done since the night of the accident that killed Anthony. He got shit faced drunk and on his way back ended up attacked by a hellhound. Thankfully his sister Elysine Aenar was nearby and saved his life. After this Luther and Brock got back together.

Recently they decided to go to visit Anthony's grave, along with Rex who can communicate with spirits in the fall/winter months, and Anthony was still around, haunting Alabama. So he came back to camp with them, Brock decided he needed a few days to think about things, what with Anthony back, as Anthony's mother had taken pity on him and turned him into a Luck Spirit, so not only is Anthony back but he's solid and very much alive.

On his way back from thinking he ran into Erion and had quite the heart to heart, which has left him more confused than ever about who he wants to be with............

He is now dating Lucas, the Lt of the Apollo Cabin.....

He's on holiday with Lucas in London.

He's back.

Lucas broke up with him and left camp.

He got drunk and sorta had a one night stand with Danica O.O which has never happened, he's never slept with a girl before. After he tried kissing Caparina to see if it was a fluke or not. And he felt nothing when he kissed her, so he's surmised it's something specific about Danica that he's attracted to.

Big weekend out with Holden Snider, Anthony Loiselle an Skylar Lune in Atlantic City, much chaos, drinking and fun ensued....


Favourite Quotes & Misc