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All the accounts a user controls will be treated as the same person. In short, registering another username does not allow someone to create a new identity for themselves: it won't allow a user to circumvent a block or vote more than once. It also won't allow a user to have more characters than they are allowed, that are detailed in the user levels policy. Being caught using a second account on our wiki, that wasn't declared, especially one used to circumvent policies or use in a malicious manner, will be an automatic permanent block from our wiki.

Sock PuppetsEdit

An undisclosed alternate account used for disruptive or deceptive purposes is known as a sock puppet. If any of a user's accounts are to be blocked, then all accounts associated with that user will also be blocked. Please mark all known sock puppets with the {{Sock puppet}} template.

A Chance for LeniencyEdit

If caught red handed it is an automatic block and forever kind of block, however, if you know you are doing wrong, and wish to come clean before being caught, we will be willing to show leniency for you. If you admit to having a sock, we will block one of your accounts of your choosing, give you an official warning, and let you carry on. ONLY if you come clean before being caught.

Alternate personasEdit

There are legitimate reasons to use more than one account, however, like a user wanting to have a special username for a role playing "persona", or a number of reasons that may not be relevant on this wiki. A sock puppet must be openly disclosed as an alternate account belonging to a user's main account (please use the {{Alt persona}} template). Remember: a user may still cast only one vote in any given poll. See Alt personas for a list.

It is suggested that an alternate persona's talk page be redirected to the main user account's talk page (so all communication with a unique user is in a single place).

Certain established users may also create a doppelgänger account, which is to prevent impersonation by vandals. Please mark these accounts with the {{Doppelganger}} template. See Doppelganger accounts for a list of doppelgänger.

Recognised alternate personasEdit

Relevant VotesEdit