File:Book00050.gifCharlton Thomus EvanstonFile:Book00050.gif
Child of Athena ~ Camper
(Owned by: BachLynn23)
Automaton Camp Patrol Dogs

These two automaton dogs were designed by Charlton, and created by the Heph kids. Their main purpose is to patrol the camp's borders and send back video feed to Charlton's computer in the Athena Cabin. This way not only will they know if there is danger at the borders, but where and what.


Spock is a Type One Automaton Dog, and version One. Spock is designed mainly to patrol the borders and send back video feed and information wirelessly to Charlton's computer. He has some defences but his main purpose is information gathering.


Kirk has been beefed up more than Spock, he has more fighting abilities built in and is built more durable, he might not be able to fight a monster on his own that's overly large, but he could assist other demigods fighting one easily. He is programmed with the scent of monsters track them.

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