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Conor Fames ~ Son of Thanatos
As far as thinking about death and murder and various ways of killing people and how people die... I probably have the most twisted mind
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2012-10-30 1215
The Basics
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Combat & Abilities

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General & Misc Info
"NO, no he didn't, but you two will make such a lovely pair of toys, how could I resist, it's like a two-for sale at macy's, rape one get the other one thrown in for free"


General Personality

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BC Life

General Information

Habits & Traits

A horse and a man, above, below, One has a plan, but both must go, Mile after mile, above, beneath, One has a smile and one has teeth, Though the man above might say hello, Expect no love from the Beast Below.


Occupation & Self-Perception

I couldn't find any meaning for my life when I was out there, I'm sure as hell not going to find it in here. This is the grand finale of a life poorly spent and the end result is just overwhelmingly depressing... it's just a sick, pathetic, wretched, miserable life story, that's all it is. How it can help anyone, I've no idea.

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Favourites & Attitude

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