>.< sorry, I normally don't enter contests, or try not to so no one gets upset, but I really like writing poetry and really wanted to enter at least one poetry contest >.<

Written by: Lynn Marie Bennett

Only Darkness Without You

The blackness explodes outwards
From a place deep within
Enveloping the light
That once shone so bright

My heart it bleeds
My soul it aches
No hope arises
The horizon is bleak

I can no longer care
I can no longer hope
Death is all around
It creeps and it crawls
Into all of our homes
Into all of our hearts

In its wake there is ruin
It gives no comforting words
Only a pile of memories
That grow dim with each passing day

Leaving an image so bright
So vivid and real
Soulless eyes looking out
No more breaths she shall take
Only a shell left behind
A cold empty shell

Her touch is now cold
Her laugh long gone
Yet life moves on
Leaving her frozen in time

Those eyes they shall haunt me
Till the day I'm no more
When I too will be a soulless shell
Looking out through dead eyes
On a world that no longer sees
On a world that knows only death.

Notes: Shortly before coming to camp, Lynn's mother passed away from Leukemia, after battling it for 1 1/2 years. Her mother was her best friend and meant the world to her, and she hasn't been the same since, and has been hiding a darkness in her heart from her friends and family because of it. She was there in the hospital room when her mother, who had been unconscious for days prior, took her last breath. The memory of her mother's lifeless body, her dead eyes, cold stare, haunt her to this day.