Major ArcanaEdit

File:Basic fool s.jpgFile:Strength.jpgFile:Death.jpgFile:The sun.jpgFile:Temperance.jpgFile:Basic hermit s.jpgFile:Basic star s.jpgFile:Basic chariot s.jpgFile:Basic world s.jpgFile:Basic emperor s.jpgFile:Basic high priestess s.jpgFile:Basic lovers s.jpgFile:Basic justice s.jpgFile:Basic moon s.jpgFile:Basic hierophant s.jpgFile:Basic empress s.jpgFile:Basic tower s.jpg


File:Basic kwands s.jpgFile:Queen of wands.jpgFile:Knight of wands.jpgFile:Basic pwands s.jpgFile:Basic 10wands s.jpgFile:Basic 8wands s.jpgFile:Seven of wands.jpgFile:Basic 6wands s.jpgFile:Basic 5wands s.jpgFile:Basic 2wands s.jpgFile:Basic 3wands s.jpgFile:Ace of wands.jpg


File:Basic kcups s.jpgFile:Knight of cups.jpgFile:Basic pcups s.jpgFile:Ten of cups.jpgFile:Basic 9cups s.jpgFile:Basic 8cups s.jpgFile:Two of wands.jpgFile:Six of cups.jpgFile:Five of cups.jpgFile:Basic 4cups s.jpgFile:Basic 3cups s.jpgFile:Two of cups.jpgFile:Basic 1cups s.jpg


File:Queen of swords.jpgFile:Knight of swords.jpgFile:Page of swords.jpgFile:Basic 10swords s.jpgFile:Basic 9swords s.jpgFile:Seven of swords.jpgFile:Basic 6swords s.jpgFile:Four of swords.jpgFile:Basic 3swords s.jpgFile:Basic 2swords s.jpgFile:Basic 1swords s.jpg


File:Basic qpents s.jpgFile:Basic knpents s.jpgFile:Basic ppents s.jpgFile:Ten of pentacles.jpgFile:Nine of pentacles.jpgFile:Eight of pentacles.jpgFile:Basic 7pents s.jpgFile:Six of pentacles.jpgFile:Basic 5pents s.jpgFile:Basic 4pents s.jpgFile:Basic 3pents s.jpgFile:Basic 2pents s.jpg

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