Meet Ghost
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Hey, careful, he's an excellent judge of character, so if you're a dumbass or an idiot, I'd stand back if I were you.....
    ~ ~~~~~

Ghost's History

Around three years ago, while hiking in Alaska on a trip, he came across what appeared to be a dead wolf that had just given birth to a litter of pups. Only one pup was still alive, all white, and not making a sound. Kendrick felt bad, and took the pup home. He had a vet check the pup out, and the Vet wasn't entirely sure if the dog was full Wolf or not, as it appeared to have some domesticated dog traits. Kendrick decided to keep the pup and named it Ghost.

He sleeps in Kendrick's room, but occasionally Hermione will take Ghost with her.

People He Trusts to Look After Ghost

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