Lionel and James Astor were born to William Nicholas Astor and Themis. Lionel was born in 1982, the product of an affair, William met Themis during his career as a lawyer, at the time he believed Themis to be just another law student working their way up the ranks. She was beautiful, intelligent and had a passion for law, everything William lacked from his wife at home. After Lionel's birth Themis brought him to William to be raised as one of his own. At that point William and his wife had been unable to conceive so he passed Lionel off as an adopted son, hiding the truth of the affair. In 1984, William once again ran into Themis, and the old sparks were quickly rekindled resulting in yet another pregnancy, this time however his wife had managed to bear them a child, and suspecting he was running around on her, had hired a private investigator to follow William around.

This time when Themis showed up with another child, William tried to refuse to take him, insisting there was no way he could get away with it, with his marriage intact. Themis was irate, and finally told William the truth about being a Greek goddess and that she couldn't raise him herself as it was against the rules. William laughed, finding the rules to be awfully petty and short sighted, seeing Themis angry however did not settle well with him, and Themis forced him (by making a rule that he would have to follow) to take their second son, but at the same time promised she would never see William again.

After a few years the impact of the affair had quieted down, and his wife accepted the child as if he was always hers. The boys grew up wanting for nothing, and were pushed towards law and politics. At the age of 12 Lionel had his first hellhound attack while at school, and William reluctantly agreed to allow Lionel to attend camp during the summers, a couple of years later his younger brother accompanying him. For the five summers they spent at camp, they were both shocked and annoyed at how petty the gods could be, especially when the war broke out. By the time the boys were through college they stopped attending camp and started spending most of their time in the mortal world. Lionel immersed himself in the law and politics, whereas ???? was a bit more military minded.

For years they did their own thing, and for years they dodged monster attacks and after awhile even started ignoring dreams and requests from Themis to do tasks for her. After awhile they started formulating their own ideas of how the Greek gods and goddesses should run Olympus, and upon being introduced to Heinrich, they finally found an outlet for their ideas, and together lead the newest faction in the Broken Covenant, Civitas Popularis.

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