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Meet Her Automatons
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Hey, careful, they aren't toys ya know.....
    ~ ~~~~~

Their History

Honeybee was the first automaton her father ever made for her. It is her oldest automaton, she's had it for well over 15 years. Though she has made improvements on it since her father made it for her.....

This was her first attempt at making an automaton, she loved the idea of having pets that would never die.

Cog is her newest automaton, she made him when she first joined the BC, she was experimenting with the idea of being able to use her pets to spy and gather intel for Lionel and Heinrich....

People Trusted to Use Them

Obviously automatons don't really need to be looked after, as they aren't real animals, but there is a fairly small list of people she would trust to use them without her supervision....

  1. Maisie Beaufort
  2. Lionel Astor
  3. WIP

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