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Child of Persephone

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.

–André Gide, Autumn Leaves


Rex Gadway ~ Child of Persephone
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You expected to be sad in the fall. Part of you died each year when the leaves fell from the trees and their branches were bare against the wind and the cold, wintery light. But you knew there would always be the spring, as you knew the river would flow again after it was frozen. When the cold rains kept on and killed the spring, it was as though a young person died for no reason.
    ~ Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast


He spent the first 8 years of his life watching the woman who he thought was his mother get sicker and dies, so for years he was a generally quiet and reserved boy. One of his loves was science fiction, particularly the TV show Doctor Who, his favourite character was the reoccurring role of Captain Jack Harkness. He loved Jack's outgoing ways, and the fact that he did not discriminate against any sex or race. It was from watching Torchwood that Rex finally felt comfortable about his sexuality, even if his friends were not always supportive, he always tried to remain upbeat. Some of his closest friend, including a boy who ended up being his first boyfriend, his first year of high school, nicknamed him Captain Jack. His biggest fear is losing his loved ones.

Over the last couple of years at camp, since dating James Gayton and Ianto Buchannan, though he's still very flirty, he's a bit more cautious and selective if he sleeps with people, a bit less, jump into the sack first, ask questions later. He's definitely matured.

Life at Camp

When he first got to camp he continued his flirtatious ways, but after meeting James he found himself head over heels in love. He still loves to flirt, but he now stays true to James.

After dating for awhile, James and Rex grew apart and finally broke up. Rex ran into and old friend from his years at camp previously, Ianto Buchanan. After coming to terms with the loss of Ianto's ex-boyfriend, also a friend of Rex's. They are now themselves dating and quite happy.

Ianto up and left camp, no word, Rex is pretty devastated about that and is debating going off looking for him.

He went off looking for Ianto for awhile, but gave up and is back at camp now.


Future Plans/Missions

Find him a boyfriend....

Go on a bc type quest and a reg quest and maybe a personal quest.... WIP


Name Info
Full Name: Rex Branagan Gadway
Pronunciation: WIP
Meaning: King
Nicknames: Captain Jack
Born: 13 August 1994
Age: 19
Status: Alive
Basic Info
Gender: Male
Species: Demigod
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship: Single and looking
Native Language: English
Accent: Neutral/American
Languages Spoken: English, Greek

General Info
Sign Leo ♌
Meaning of Sign Element = Fire
Ruling Planet = The Sun
Symbol = The Lion
Birth Stone = Peridot
Fears/Phobias Elevators
Hobbies Watching British TV shows like Torchwood, travelling, going for walks
Motto “forgiveness is not a single act, but a matter of constant practice”
Things He Won't Do hahahaha, but he has matured some, he isn't as eager to just jump in the sack as he used to be
Person They Secretly Admire Luther Amery
Most Influenced By Ianto
Moral Compass Points mostly north
Most Important Person Before Camp His step-mother
Most Important Person Now His siblings
Reacts to a Crisis? Usually calmly
Face Their Problems? Head on, unless there's a better way
Reacts to Change Ok
Alignment Chaotic good
Dream Job He isn't sure any more
Current Job None

File:Nt1.gifHistory & FamilyFile:Nt1.gif

Naughty boy by yeles

Regis was once happily married to his high school sweet heart, Linda. They married right after high school, and held off starting a family until they both finished college. Upon graduation, and Regis getting a decent job, they started working towards having their first child. After a couple of years of trying, they could not seem to get pregnant, upon seeing a specialist his wife found out that she had ALS. The doctor’s concluded that due to the type of ALS, she had maybe 5 years before becoming completely paralysed, and if she was lucky, 10 years before she would succumb entirely to the disease.

They were devastated, not only would they not be able to have the family they so longed for, but the clock was ticking on how much time they had left together. Over the first year, Linda hated seeing her husband so sad, and she wanted more than anything to give him a child that he could love and care for long after she was gone. She started researching on-line, hoping to find someone that would be willing to be a surrogate. While taking a walk in the park during one particularly warm spring, she ran into a beautiful woman, full of youth and vigour, Persephone introduced herself as Theresa and asked why Linda was crying. Linda told Theresa (Persephone) the whole story, including how she talked to Regis about having a surrogate but that he could not imagine raising a child without her.

Theresa (Persephone) felt horrible for the woman and her situation, and in a moment of sympathy, revealed that she was Persephone, a Greek goddess. Persephone told the woman, that she could mimic Linda’s appearance and he would never know it was not Linda. Linda wanting so badly to give her husband a child, agreed. Later that day, before Regis came home from work, she left and Persephone came and took her place. Regis had no idea anything was up, until nine months passed and they found a baby on their doorstep. Linda insisted they kept the child and raised it as their own, Regis not wanting to deny his wife any bit of happiness agreed. They named the child Rex.

By this time, Linda was already three years into the disease, and was confined to a wheel chair most of the time. Regis hired a nanny as well as a day nurse to help take care of his son and wife. The next 7 years were hard on the family, and Rex spent more time with his nanny than with his own parents. When Linda passed away shortly after Rex’s 8th birthday, Regis was damn near broke and drowning in medical expenses that the insurance company would not cover. For a couple of years he wallowed in his depression, but then just before Rex’s 10th birthday Regis came into some money upon the death of his mother. He decided to invest the money into the hunt for gold in Alaska. By the time, Rex was 11 they were living in Nome, Alaska and Regis was working on a gold dredge hoping to strike it big.

Rex had a mostly uneventful time in Alaska; he was a quiet child, after having grown up around so much loss and sadness. He did not have too many friends in school, but he was not all that unpopular either. He loved all things science fiction, his favourite show being Doctor Who, and the character Captain Jack Harkness. He always felt he could relate to Jack, especially after watching Torchwood. At 12 he was convinced that he was Bi-sexual, but after having watched Torchwood, he used the term omni or pansexual. He even ended up having a boyfriend, who nicknamed him Captain Jack. Things seemed to be going well for Rex, until turned 13 and was attacked by a monstrous dog during hockey practise. He could not believe his eyes, at how enormous the dog was. He would have been killed, were it not for the fact that he kept an old antique key on him at all times, that his mother had left for him, with a note to keep it with him always. The key turned into a sword, and before he could react, a classmate yelled out at him to stab the hellhound with the sword. After a little bit more of a fight, he was able to stab the hellhound as it turned to dust, he looked over at his classmate and suddenly realised his classmate had furry goat legs. The classmate revealed himself to be a satyr, and explained to Rex that he was a demigod and what that meant. Together they tried to explain to his father, but his father refused to believe, that there was any way the woman he had dated from such a young age, the woman he had watched die, could have been a goddess.

After a year, and another hellhound attack in which Rex ended up with a broken arm, his father finally agreed to let Rex go to camp, at first he was just a seasonal camper. In January 2012 his father died from an accident while on the dredge, and left for camp to be a year round camper until he can figure out what he wants to do with his life.

Family Info
Mother: Persephone
Father: Regis Gadway
Half-Siblings: Other Persephone kids
Full Siblings: None (that he knows of)
Other Relatives: Linda Gadway (Step Mom)

Early Childhood Info/Firsts
Hometown: Alaska
Earliest Memory: His father buying him his first ice hockey stick
Schooling: Public
First Kiss: A girl named Andrea his 7th year
First Sex: Not sure he can remember xD
First Love: James Gayton
Other Firsts: WIP

Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they're falling like they're falling in love with the ground.

–Andrea Gibson

File:Nt16.gifAppearanceFile:Nt16 flipped.gif

General Appearance/Model
Model Oliver Cheshire
Eye Colour Hazel
Hair Colour Blonde
Height 6'1
Weight 155 lbs
Ethnicity Caucasian
Handedness Right
Shoe Size 11
Blood Type AB+
Voice Tenor
Eye Sight 20/20
Health Status Healthy
Clothing Style Casual
Distinguishing Marks Birth mark in an interesting area
Body Style Athletic

More Images
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File:Nt22.gifAbilities & WeaponsFile:Nt22 flipped.gif

Skills & General Abilities
Skills Despite his looks, he's learned to be fairly rugged from his days in Alaska
Weapon of Choice Sword
Strengths Sword
Weaknesses Bow and arrow
Quests Led 0
Quests Been On 1

Rex Gadway ~ Child of Persephone
File:Rex new word bubble pic.gif
“It always is harder to be left behind than to be the one to go...”
    ~ Brock Thoene, Shiloh Autumn

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File:Nt32.gifOodles More InformationFile:Nt32.gif

Likes Fall, flowers, Torchwood, Doctor Who, leaves, WIP
Dislikes Petty bitches, immature twats, WIP
Colour Tans, Browns and Reds
Music Anything really, if it's upbeat
Food Mexican and anything spicy
Animal All
Book Memoirs of a Geisha
Quote “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love.”
Drink Apple Cider
Song Anything by Fallout Boys
Movie Casablanca
Sport Ice Hockey/Street Hockey
Other Favs Fav Tele Shows: Torchwood and Doctor Who

Vices Sex
Bad Habits Cheating
Sleeping Habits Better when he's with someone
Quirks Likes to carry an umbrella which is why he had the Heph cabin make his turn into a sword
Attitude Optimistic most of the time
Talents Is actually a decent singer and likes writing poetry
Social Skills Outgoing

One Word to Describe Flamboyant
Best Physical Trait Smile
Worst Physical Trait Toes
Things to Change About Self Be more faithful
Mental State Normal
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Emotional Stability Good
Medical Problems/Ailments None

Life & Attitude
Most at Ease When? He's in nature
Priorities Friends and family
Past Failures Not being able to save his friend
Biggest Accomplishment Managing to not cheat on James while they were dating
Darkest Secret There's a chance he could have saved his friend but he was too scared to try
Secret Known by Anyone? No
Personal Tragedy His dad and step mum dying
One Wish To see his step mum again
Character Flaw He is often too outgoing and gets himself in trouble


Talk to the hand 1 by yeles


Meet Perri
Rex Gadway ~ Child of Persephone
File:Rex new word bubble pic.gif
"Careful, Perri bites when he gets excited".....
    ~ ~~~~~

Perri's History

A gift from his mother, he found him on his bed when he got back to camp....

People Trusted Watch Him
  1. WIP

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File:Hg332.gifRex's BedroomFile:Hg332.gif

His Room
Rex Gadway ~ Child of Persephone
File:Rex new word bubble pic.gif
"Hey there, how you doin?".....
    ~ ~~~~~

Location of Room

His room is located on the first floor, near the back, of the Persephone's Cabin.

Cabin Mates
Others That Live in the Persephone Cabin:

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File:Igel 0043.gifRelationshipsFile:Igel 0043.gif

How he Relates to Others
Ever Cheated?
Relates to Others? Friendly and flirty
Perceived by Strangers Outgoing and flirty
Perceived by Lover Passionate and flirty
Perceived by Friends Loyal and flirty
Perceived by Family Loving and caring
First Impression Flirty
Family/Friends Like Most? His smile and friendly nature
Family/Friends Like Least He can be a bit too flirty at times

Relationship List
Name Relation Feelings
James Gayton Ex Sad they broke up, but it was for the best
Ianto Buchanan Ex Boyfriend Miss him
Luther Amery Friend Seems nice, good in bed
Brock Garreth Not Sure He probably doesn't like me, I did sleep with his boyfriend once
William Anderson Just met He's really nice, we hung out and watched a movie

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