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a night outEdit

Picking upEdit

Laz: He checks his watch one last time, making sure that he's still on time. It was 5 minutes to 4pm, and he was just walking up to the door to the Hecate cabin, he breathed a small sigh of relief, as he absolutely deplored being late. He starts to knock on the door, but then remembers that Cameron probably won't hear him, so he just let's himself into the cabin, and heads to Cameron's room, ignoring some arse glaring at him on the way there (the same arse that barged in on them the other day). Once outside the door to Cameron's room, he knocks firmly yet softly on the door. He's wearing this outfit plus a black leather jacket.

Cameron: He blushes and rushes to get ready, he still hadn't got the tie on. He grabs the black tie in his hand and ponders to the door, trying not to look overly exited for his first date in a long time. He slowly opens the door and smiles "Hey, I just need to get the tie on" He explains "Come in" He moves too one side

Laz: He nods and smiles at Cameron, deep down finding it amusing, Cameron seemed a bit excited about the date, and to think Laz was only doing all this to get in his pants >.< Once he walks in the room he wanders off to the opposite side as Cameron, and then looks Cameron up and down with an approving smile (though someone else might see the smile as a cat eyeing its next meal). "You look good, purple really brings out your eyes."

Cameron: He starts putting on the tie, looping it around his neck and pulling it up too tighten it "Oh thanks, so does black." He smiles "O-Oh I mean black does bring out your eyes. He adjusts his tie and smiles "Okay I'm ready"

Laz: He smiles and mumbles a thanks to the compliment. "OK sweet, so I called us a cab, I wasn't sure if you had a car, and I haven't really bothered to learn how to drive yet, and I doubt we could take horses there so." He grins and chuckles.

Cameron: He laughs "Good thing you called a cab, I can't drive, and even though we have horses in Camp and  pegasus' but I don't think we can fly them to the restaurant" He smiles a bit

Laz: He chuckles with Cameron, "So the cab should be at the road to camp, we should get moving, "He sticks his hands in the pockets of his jacket and moves towards the door, when he gets there he opens it, walks through it, then turns and hesitates for a second to make sure Cameron is following him.

Cameron: He follows, close to Laz's heel like some sort of dog. He walks awkwardly, putting his hands in his pockets as well. "O-Okay then" He smiles and he moves through the door, closing it gently behind him and locking it with a key he keeps in his pocket

They walk to the cab, nothing eventful happens >.<

Laz: When they get to the cab that's waiting for them, Laz opens the back door for Cameron to get in and while he waits for Cameron, has small talk with the cab driver (basically the cab driver says hi, confirms their destination, boring shit like that).

Cameron: He smiles and climbs in, in a not very elegant way, it's more like he's trying to roll to the seat at the other side than anything to be honest. He finally reaches and sits up, smiling over at Laz

Laz: Laz gets in behind Cameron and tells the cab driver they are ready, the cab driver pulls out and heads into New York City. He turns to Cameron, I hope it's ok, I got tickets to Les Miserables on Broadway and figured we could eat first at this odd little restaurant I found while using my cabinmate's laptop, the name is Jekyll Hyde, sounded interesting, got us reservations for 5:30pm."

Cameron: "Jekyll Hyde sounds like that story with those two characters in it" He smiles not really remembering the name "But sure, sounds like a blast" He smiles as he looks at Laz's face, Cameron's smile seems too light up the back seats of the cab.

Laz: He casually smiles back, "Yea it was a book by Robert Louis Stevenson, odd fellow, he died suddenly at 40 while opening a bottle of wine, came back as a ghost, met him a few years into his haunting years. He kept insisting he wanted to still be able to write, used to drive him batty that he couldn't hold a pencil."

Cameron: He laughs "Well I never really write but I'd still hate being a ghost... no offence or anything. I just don't like the idea of floating around an old building for years and years"

Laz: He shrugs, "Well I definitely don't miss it, but really you can go anywhere you did when you were alive, though much quicker, and that's actually why I agreed to become an Eidolone, you have more freedom where you can go and more power to possess people, but even that got old after awhile."

Cameron: He laughs gently "I wouldn't complain though if I was haunting a house with attractive people in it, or even if I possessed someone attractive I could have some fun"

Laz: He winks coyly at Cameron, "Oh you have NO idea." He grins, "ever heard of Marilyn Monroe?" He glances out the window to get an idea of how close they are and estimates another 15 minutes with traffic like it is.

Cameron: He nods "Boy have I, she was suppose to be stunning or something" He shrugs "Didn't she do the naughty naughty with a lot of men?"

Laz: He grins bigger, like the cat that ate the canary, "Yep, I was in the driver's seat through a lot of it, even got the president to do back door fun with her."

Cameron: He laughs wildly in an attractive way though "Wow John you really were a wild Catholic" 

Laz: Not understanding the joke, he responds with, "No my name's Lazarus, not John...." The cabbie pulls up outside the restaurant (and ooc bach eats peaches so this is a short post >.<)

Cameron: He laughs "No I mean the president, John F Kennedy?" He smiles as he opens the door on his side and lumbers out (:P Gruff likes peaches)


Laz: He passes the cabbie some cash and then gets out himself and walks up to the short line outside the restaurant door, "phew, good thing I made reservations...." (millions of peaches, peaches for me)

Cameron: "Yeah" He laughs he follows Laz, again close behind like a dog "Good thing too" He repeats (share them please ^.^)

Laz: After a short wait in line, a waiter sees them to a small table for two in the back, and does all the normal waiter stuff, water, menus, yada yada. Laz sits down and immediately orders a bottle of wine, something vintage and old. (*shares peaches with gruffles*)

Cameron: He smiles and follows suit, he opens the menu "Oh this place looks nice" He smiles and scans the menu eyeing some tasty treats (yay)

Laz: He orders a surf n turf, then passes the menu back to the waiter and takes a few sips from the wine. "Mmmm so nice to drink wine again, you don't realise the little things until you don't have them any more." He smiles at Cameron and places his wine glass back down and then adjusts the napkin and utensils so they are all line up.

Cameron: He nods in agreement "Two please" He smiles and passes the menu to the waiter as well "Yeah, but I don't like wine as much as other ethanol based drinks" He smiles gently as he sips from his glass contently

Laz: He smiles back, "Such a larger variety these days as well, so much more than they had when I was last alive." He takes a sip of his wine and sets the glass back down carefully, "So, I don't believe I asked before when he watched that movie, are you a year round camper?"

Cameron: He nods a smile on his face, he's holding the glass comfortably in his hand swishing the wine in small circles in its glass "Yeah I am, all year round, in my one man room" He laughs "I guess you are as well?"

Laz: He nods slowly, "I suppose for now, though I hope not forever, camp is.... quaint and all but I desperately do not wish to live to old age there. I'd love to maybe travel a bit, see the world, go on adventures." He's interrupted when they bring their food and set the plates down in front of Laz and Cam.

Cameron: He smiles at the waiter "Thanks" He then looks back over at Laz, nodding. "Yeah I don't want to stay there forever, I would love to settle down somewhere, marry, maybe have kids" He shrugs "I don't know what I want really"

Laz: He salts his food and meticulously cuts up his steak while he listens to Cameron, "Well you're young still, then again I suppose I was still young when I died, but I had nearly 200 years to wander around as a ghost thinking about things, planning, wanting, wishing....." Once his steak is completely cut up he sets the salt shaker back in the centre of the table and then proceeds to put a bit of pepper on his food as well. Then he tries the shrimp first, and then a bite of the steak.

Cameron: He nods as he picks up the salt and sprinkles small portions of it on his food. He then sets it back in the middle and starts to cut a large, generous slice for himself. He picks it up with his fork and starts to nibble on the edges >.<

Laz: He eats a few more bites in silence, his thoughts wandering to things like wondering how much work it'll take to get Cameron into bed, perhaps if he applied a bit more force, but he didn't want to get too forceful, I mean, he hadn't been there long yet, to know patterns and such. After eating for a bit, perhaps 1/4 to 1/3 of his food, he drinks some of his wine, "Is the food to your liking?" He asks while dabbing at his mouth with the napkin.

Cameron: He looks up from his food, nodding. He finishes chewing his food with his mouth close and then starts to talk "It's really nice, I haven't had steak in ages" He laughs "Thanks so much for this" He smiles sweetly up

Laz: He smiles and nods, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." He eats for a bit more in silence and once most of his food is nearly finished a waiter comes over and tops off the wine glasses and then asks if they'd like dessert, Laz looks across the table at Cameron and, "Care for dessert, I believe we have time before the show starts, if you'd like..."

Cameron: He smiles, finishing the last bits of chips off and nods "Sure, I'll see what they have to offer" He smiles up at Laz, then his gaze floats to the waiter to see if he understands his response 

Waiter: "New York Cheesecake, berry crumble with vanilla ice cream, Tiramasu, Crème brûlée or pumpkin fritters."

Cameron: "Oh I'll have the cheese cake please" He smiles and nods at the waiter. He then turns his attention to Laz and waits for his choice

Laz: He thinks for a few moments and then turns to the waiter, "I'll have the Tiramasu and some tea if you don't mind, earl grey." The waiter nods his head and heads back to the kitchen and Laz finishes off the wine in his glass.

Cameron: He smiles, and sips his wine. He's mildly tipsy by now and laughs for no reason "You have nice eyes Laz, has anyone told you?"

Laz: He smiles politely, deep down planning possibly getting a hotel room for them so he can have Cameron away from his siblings at camp, "that's kind of you to say, and I don't recall if anyone has." A few minutes later the waiter returns with the dessert and tea and then clears their dinner plates.

Cameron: He tucks into his cake and after a large bite starts to talk "You know what., cheese cake is weird. Who ever thought of putting cheese on a cake?" He laughs

Laz: He puts some milk and sugar into his tea as he listens to Cameron, "Well actually the cheese isn't on the cake, the cake is made of a mixture of cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, eggs, a few other things I can't remember." He pauses, "I've never had it, but there was this ghost lady, Julia something, she was obsessed with blabbering on about recipes and watching people cook." He smiles and takes a bite of his tiramasu.

Cameron: "Yeah I know but who thought of putting cream cheese in cake mixture then? And who thought of milking the first cow is what I want to know" He finishes his wine and takes another large chunck out of the cake

Laz: He thinks for a moment as he takes a few more bites of his dessert, "Well I sort of understand the cow thing, I mean presumably humans have always nursed their young, and if humans can drink milk from their mothers, why not the milk of other mothers in other species." He pauses and sips his tea, "Now a real conundrum is who saw a red shelled crustacean with claws and thought, hey, let's boil that in a pot, crack its shell and see what it tastes like inside." He grins.

Cameron: He looks at the roof, half drunk and half deep in thought "Human's are strange" He says after some time of tossing and turning over the matter. "Hmmmm..." He says looking slightly off at Laz, taking another large bit of cake

Laz: He chuckles, noticing that Cameron seems a bit tipsy, after some more small talk, that I don't know about you but small talk is boring >.< Laz finishes his dessert, asks for a check, sets some cash down on the check, checking to make sure he left a fair gratuity. "Are you ready to go? Show starts in a half hour...."

Cameron: He nods and stands up, brushing some crumbs off his purple suit that I linked you too >.<. He starts to walk to the exit and nearly trips, just about holding his balance he takes smaller steps and waits for Laz

Laz: Being only a few long strides behind Cameron, as he nears where he paused to wait, Laz holds out his arm for Cameron, to help steady him if he needs assistance, "Whoa there, all right?"

Cameron: He takes the arm and leans on it slightly "T-Thanks you" He smiles as he stands there for a while trying to re-gain balance


Laz: He smiles and starts to walk out the exit and down the street towards the theatre, in the distance a line can be seen at the ticket booth, Laz just lets Cameron hang on to his arm for as long as he needs, "Glad I reserved our tickets ahead of time, the line to buy tickets is longer than the line to get in...."

Cameron: He laughs gently "It's because you're smart Laz" He walks along with Laz, and slowly removes his arm, believing he can support his own weight

Laz: He smiles and mumbles a thanks for the compliment, when they get there, they go in the line for people who reserved tickets, Laz gets their tickets and they proceed into the theatre. An usher leads them to rather decent seats in one of the balconies, not too far away, not too close, not too high up, not too low, just right.

Cameron: He follows along whispering things like this is really fancy and this looks like it cost a lot, but he keeps going and follows "These are great seats Laz, good job" He smiles

Laz: He shrugs, trying to show a shred of humility, "Are they? I wasn't sure so I asked them to pick for me, told them I had a date and wanted decent seats for it." He smiles at Cameron, one of those types of smiles like he's laying on the charm, upping his game so that by the end of the night Cameron will agree to a hotel room. An usher comes by and asks if they'd like anything to drink, Laz orders a glass of wine.

Cameron: he shakes his head, he doesn't feel like any more booze tonight "Just a diet coke please" he smiles to the waiter. "Well yeah they're great seats" He laughs "I've never been to a show before, thanks ever so much for brining me" he blushes at the smile that was passed

Laz: He nods, "It was the least I could do, it was time you had a proper date after-all. I may be a bit of a pervert at times, but there's more to me than that." He grins light-heartedly. "I've never seen it, but I recalled it being a book first, the author Victor Hugo, nice old French guy, I met him in France in late 1880s. He was freaked out about moving on, his mistress and true love had died before him and he didn't want to go until he was sure she had gone as well, and wasn't about somewhere as a ghost. I wonder what he would have thought of his work being put into a play, he did love to go to plays." He smiles and the lights dim as the show is about to start.

Cameron: He laughs a bit and smiles over at Laz as the lights dim and he says in a whisper "I'm sure he would have loved his book being turned into a play" He smirks slightly and turns to watch it

Laz: He smiles and nods, and starts to watch the play intently, about 20 or 30 minutes in, he yawns, and not realising this is actually a really cliché move to make, he stretches and brings his arm up, back and behind Cameron's chair, glancing out the corner of his eye to see if Cameron notices. >.<

Cameron: He doesn't really react, if anything he excepts the idea and kinda nuzzles into it, leaning a bit more backwards so that Laz's arm is under his neck like a support strut for his head. He sighs happily and keep's watching

Laz: realising that he isn't moving away or acting weirded out by it, he relaxes into it as well, so that his arm becomes a bit heavier around Cameron's back/neck and scootches over a bit so that he's more on the edge of his seat. About 20 or 30 minutes later (roughly an hour from the end of the show) he starts to subconsciously massage Cameron's neck a little

Cameron: He feels this and finds a bit odd, but Laz has been so very nice to him tonight, the food, the show, the booze so he just let's him carry on. He gently sips his coke and watches the show enthusiastically as Laz massage's his neck gently

Laz: After a bit he stops and just keeps his arm there, he was more or less just curious how Cameron would react to a more, intimate touch. Eventually the show ends, Laz yawns and pulls his arm away in a stretch, "So, what did you think?"

Cameron: He sits there for a while "... Well to be honest I don't think the first show I've seen could have been any better" He laughs "It was very well done, I could never stand up in front of so many people. What did you think?" He smiles and stretches a bit himself

Laz: He shrugs, "It was ok, not the best I've seen, not the worst." He smiles and when he realises half the theatre or more is now emptied out, he stretches again and stands up.

Cameron: He follows suit and very slowly get's up, moving his neck in a circular motion and stretching his arms "I guess" is all the replies

Laz: He yawns and looks at his watch, "Wow, it's nearly midnight, I wonder how hard it will be to get a cab this hour...." He glances over at all the people leaving, calculating that many of them are probably taking cabs themselves....

Cameron: He shrugs "Worse comes to worse we could always stay in a hotel or something" He laughs "But I'm sure there be plenty of taxi's we could get into"

Laz: He shrugs as well and gives a sort of, warm smile, "Well I'll leave it up to you, if you feel comfortable getting a hotel, then we'll do that, and if you'd rather go back to camp tonight, we'll do that."

Cameron: He shrugs back in response "I'm fine getting a hotel, I'm not in any rush to get back to camp to be honest, so if there aren't any cabs there we could just get a hotel room with two beds or something"

Laz: He nods, "Sounds good." He proceeds to head to the exit to get outside, accidentally bumping into a couple of guys on his way out, to which he mumbled an apology, and mentally thought to himself how much easier it was to steal people's things when he was a ghost, then again he couldn't do much with the things back then besides take it from the owners, now at least he could use the money. Once out on the street a lot of people were getting into cabs, but no empty cabs were in sight.

Cameron: He follows Laz out and goes on his tiptoes, trying to see if there are any empty ones behind the mob or people, for all his luck, there are none in sight. He sighs "Nope, no cabs"

Laz: He looks up and down the street and sees the closest hotel is the doubletree, at least the closest he sees, and nods over at it, "Let's try that one, the double tree."

Cameron: He nods and starts walking slowly "Can I ask you something about being a kid of Limos? Are you always hungry? or never hungry?"

Laz: He shrugs as they walk, "I suppose it varies with each person, and I think sometimes it varies with moods or situations. Some of my siblings seem to never eat, some seem to eat a lot. though I have a theory, that the hunger isn't always a food hunger, sometimes it's a more philosophical hunger, like hungering for life, or love."

Cameron: He nods, interested "Oh" He laughs and nudge Laz "And what's your 'hunger Laz" He nudges again "Hm? Something simple like food? Or something else?"

Laz: He grins and as they near the door to the hotel, he thinks of an answer that avoids being too specific, "I don't know really, now at least, for so long I hungered to be alive and whole again, I guess I'm still just so grateful to finally have a body, that I haven't thought much about it." He smile and holds the door open for Cameron.

Cameron: He smiles and passes through "Thanks" He steps from the darkness outside, to the white, almost blinding light of the reception "Are you sure this place isn't too costly?"

Laz: He follows in behind Cameron, "Honestly, I have no clue, but as this is the middle of New York City, I doubt anything anywhere will be remotely cheap either, so this is as good as any." He walks up and rings the bell and then asks if they have any double bed rooms available.

Desk Person: "Sorry sir, with it being Thanksgiving week the rooms are booked, I think we might have a couple of single bed rooms available though."

Laz: Says nothing and just looks back at Cameron for some indication of what he wants to do.

Cameron: He doesn't really notice Laz's face and he smiles at the Desk Person Guy Thingy and just nods "Sure, I can always sleep on the floor, I'm not picky" 

Laz: He decides to argue who sleeps where when they get to the room, no point in hashing it out in front of the desk boy, he pulls out a wallet and hands over a few 100$ bills, and then takes the room key, room 667. He turns and nods at Cameron and starts walking towards the elevators.

Cameron: He smiles at the desk boy, nodding slightly and follows Laz. He gets in the lift, it's just Laz and him, the doors close and they start going up

Laz: "You don't have to sleep on the floor ya know, it's a king size bed, I'm sure there's room for two." He smiles comfortingly, not wanting to pressure Cameron too much, as he's a bit tired and looking for a more, marginally willing partner, not wanting to have to full on fight to get Cameron to give in.

Cameron: He takes some time, patting his foot rhythmically while he think. After some time he shrugs and nods "Yeah sure, why not. I'll have to warn you I usually sleep in my underwear if that's okay with you" He laughs a bit as the ascend up the hotel

Laz: The elevator stops on the sixth floor and Laz gets out, looking up and down to see which way the room numbers go in, seeing they are by 637, and the next room to the right is 639, he presumes they need to go to the right and heads that way, "That's ok, I don't usually sleep in much either."

Cameron: He nods understandably and carries on after Laz "I think it's the one over there" He points out the door on the far left of the corridor."

Laz: He sees where Cameron is indicating and goes over to it, inserts the key card and opens the door to reveal a really nice suite, possibly even sometimes used as a honeymoon suite. There's a small kitchenette with a fully stocked mini-fridge and bar, a single king sized bed, one of those large hot tub type baths in a very large bathroom. He goes straight to the mini-fridge and pulls out a beer, "Want something to drink?"

Cameron: "Yeah sure" He drops his waistcoat on the bed, tired but still very awake "What alcohol do they have there?" He asks, raising his eyebrow

Laz: "There's beer, vodka, rum, whiskey, sprite, sparkling water, coke....." He lists them off between taking sips off his beer.

Cameron: "Uhm could I have the rum please" He smiles "Wanna watch some TV or something?" He slowly walks over the TV, bends over and puts it on "I'm just gonna go to the toilet, I won't be long" He slowly gets back up, straightens his shirt and walks boldly to the toilet taking large steps

Laz: He nods at Cameron and pulls out the 2 small bottles of Rum and places them on the table by the side of the bed closest to the bathroom. Then takes his jacket off, and unbuttons his long sleeve shirt to reveal a white plain t-shirt underneath. He slides out of his shoes and leaves the by the bed, and sits down on the bed opposite from the side that's closest to the bathroom.

Cameron: He leaves the bathroom and shakes his hands free of the sink water. "Oh hey there" He laughs and points at Laz and then to the rum "One of those for me? Or are you going to hog all of it for yourself?"

Laz: He looks over at the rum bottles, "OH they are both for you, it's all the rum there was in the fridge, and being that their the mini sized ones, I wasn't sure if you'd just want one or both. I'm good with beer." He indicates that by taking another swig off his beer.

Cameron: "Ah" He laughs and walks over to his side of the bed and gently picks up one bottle. "So did you want to watch something on TV?" He looks at Laz as he walks over to the TV pointing at it. He slowly leans over and picks up the remote so that he can change the channel to find something on.

Laz: "Sure, anything good on? I don't watch much television, still not accustomed to what constitutes as a good show. Though I did have fun watching this thing Americans play called ice hockey." He waits for Cameron to get on the bed and drink a bit more before putting a move on him, but he looks him up and down a bit.

Cameron: He lies on his bed and places his hand behind his head. He flicks through every channel on by one "Meh, nothing really" He keeps going "Ohhh Adult Channel" He laughs and takes a sip of his rum.

Laz: He grins and angles his body a bit so he's looking at Cameron, "Porn always seems to be on when we hang out, perhaps it's a sign." He smiles and moves a bit closer.

Cameron: he laughs awkwardly "Ha maybe yeah" He's blushing madly all over his face

Laz: He moves closer so that there's barely any room between them, but not quite touching, "You have porn at your cabin, so clearly you take care of yourself, why not take care of each other tonight....."

Cameron: he blushes madly, coughing and breathing heavily "I... Uhm... Well.... Ugh?"

Laz: He pulls a way a bit and gives a hurt look, "I mean unless you're not into me or aren't attracted to me...."

Cameron: he blushes madly, feeling so heartless and mean towards a guy who must have paid hundreds for him over the night. "Fine, a kiss for the wonderful night" he smiles

Laz: He siles a bit, and moves close, leaning down so that their lips are almost touching, gives one last look to see if Cameron is sure, then moves in for a deep kiss.

Cameron: he kisses back, but much gentler that Laz's and is pushed back by Laz's forcefulness. He blushes gently at this, thinking it was only going to be one kiss

Laz: When Laz feels Cameron moving back, he mistakes Cameron's reasons behind it, and moves closer as well, sliding his hand onto Cameron's stomach and the other hand behind Cameron's head to support it slightly, continuing to kiss him, angling his full body so that, though it's not on top of Cameron, it's sorta half on top, sorry >.< can't properly explain the position, it's like, if you're laying on your back, and someone is laying on their side looking down at you, and them move their body at an angle, so it's touching yours, but not like right on top/full weight. >.<

Cameron: He blushes gently, but yet he keeps the kiss, he's a lot gentler than Laz in this. A cold feeling shoots up his spine as Laz's warm hand slids up his stomach.

Laz: As Cameron isn't desperately trying to move away, or push Laz away, he gain takes this as a mistaken sign that Cameron isn't stopping, and carefully moves his hand in such a way that it can barely be detected that he's unbuttoning a few of the bottom buttons on Cameron's shirt, and once a few are free, he slides his hand onto Cameron's bare belly and up the shirt a bit, continuing to kiss.

Cameron: He breaks away from the kiss every now and again, strangely he doesn't really want it to stop, this is the first time anything like this has happened to him, and he quite enjoys it. He goes back to the kiss, squinting gently as Laz's hand snakes it's way up his stomach

Laz: Realising that with each break from the kiss, Cameron goes back to it, Laz becomes a bit braver, generally he wouldn't be beyond full on rape, but he's only been at camp a short time, and Cameron has his intrigue, so he is neither ready to be cast away as a rapist, nor is he ready to actually murder Cameron so no one finds out. So he has to play a careful game, make Cameron hunger so much that he wants Laz all on his own. He starts unbuttoning more buttons until they are all un-done and his chest is fully exposed, then breaks to start kissing down Cameron's neck, with the same fervour as the kissing was, sometimes leaving small barely noticeable marks, his hand still exploring.

Cameron: He looks down slowly at Laz kissing his neck, a small moan leaves his lips and he looks up at the roof. He gently bites his bottom lip, thinking if this is how me imagined his first time being "I-I want it Laz" He says a dark blush on his face

Laz: Inside Laz was filled with a triumphant feeling, he took Cameron from not wanting to really even kiss, to this, to wanting him all on his own. The power he felt like he had right now, over Cameron's emotions and actions was mind boggling, he had a sudden feeling of being drunk on power. He looked carefully into Cameron's eyes, wanting to continue the charade for as long as possible, make Cameron believe he wanted Laz, mind body and soul, that he would do anything for Laz, love him, fulfil his needs, everything, even if by next week he would be a mere fleeting thought for Laz, last week's triumph, old news, a toy discarded by a bored child. "I'm so happy to hear you say that, I've wanted this since the moment I saw you, to be in your arms like this, to be one with you." He moved in for a careful and passionate kiss, continuing to toy with Cameron's emotions, then broke away and removed his shirt and under shirt, giving Cameron a clear hungry look. Then at this point, if you aren't sure what's happening, then maybe that's a good thing, cuz this is where you need to just carry on, avert your eyes elsewhere, I mean, what, are you some kinda pervert that watches other people be intimate together, come on, seriously, jeez, get a life, stop oogling theirs. You're still there aren't you? Still reading along? I hope you aren't hoping for some xxx or R shit here, cuz ain't gonna happen, won't do it, this is a PG13 wiki ya know, so go read porn somewhere else, and leave Cam and Laz in peace, cuz it's totally none of your business.

A few hours later, they both lay under the covers, quite exhausted.

Cameron: He pants loudly, his hand laying on his stomach. It moves up and down and up and down in a quite hypnotic movement. He has a gently, smile/smirk on his face. He rolls over to look at Laz

Laz: Deciding to keep up the ruse for a bit longer, he smiles back, in a rather caring and loving manner, "So, how was it, I hope it was ok, first times should be as special as possible."

Cameron: He smiles back, his eyes soft and gently like dough. He rolls back on his back, still panting but now at a lot slower pace "G-Great" He smiles at the roof "Just great"

Laz: He smiles and settles in a bit on the bed as well, "I'm glad, I'd feel simply awful if you hadn't enjoyed it, like I'd done something wrong." He plays a slightly hurt look, as if thinking about how hurt he would have really truly been if Cameron hadn't been happy with him, then suddenly snuggles into Cameron like a spoon, and lays his head in the crook of Cameron's shoulder, like someone seeking out comfort, needing more from Cameron for validation that Cameron was happy with him, even though deep down, underneath the façade, it was the last thing on Laz's mind.

Cameron: He smiles feeling Laz's heavy breathing on his neck, making his neck hair stand up and seemingly lean towards Laz as if every part of Cam's body wanted to be as close as possible. "Y-You don't have to be sad" He says quite sweetly and full of feeling and pity "You were great, I wouldn't have had it any other way" He smiles as he gently closes his eyes

Laz: He smiles and mumbles something into Cameron's shoulder that sounds almost like mmm muffle imagined muffle would muffle somemuffle so amazmuffleing like muffle and then drifts off to sleep.....

Cameron: He smiles, laughing gently and then drifts off as well

Noon the Next DayEdit

Laz: As they never closed the blinds completely, sunlight streaked into the room, waking Laz up from his restful slumber. At some point in the night he had moved a bit away from Cameron, laying on his back next to him instead of snuggled up to him. He thought to himself, going over his plans, wondering how long he'll toy with Cameron, he was so much fun, but eventually he knew he would get bored and need a new shiny toy to play with, and he wanted to make sure that when he broke things off with Cameron, Cameron believed it to be entirely his fault. Looking at the clock and seeing that it was after noon already, he mentally breathed a sigh of relief that he had the forethought to pay for two nights, so that they wouldn't have to hurry out at the 10am check out time the sign said. This would give them plenty of time to wake up, perhaps have room service for a late late breakfast, and get back to camp.

Cameron: He's a heavy sleeper so he's still deep in a slumber even with the bright light on his face. He's smiling, thinking about Laz, he was so kind to him, so wonderful

Laz: He sees Cameron still sleeping deeply, so he gets up, puts on one of the plush hotel robes, and grabs a menu for room service, and orders an array of things from it for when Cameron wakes up, then he hops in the shower, as room service said it would be 20 to 30 minutes before they came up with the food.

Cameron: After some time he noisily wakes up, rubbing his eyes and getting up on his feet. He slowly pulls up his underwear and then the pair of trousers he wore the night before. He stretches and looks if Laz is around

Laz: He comes out of the bathroom, a towel around his waste, another towel in his hands drying off his hair, he smiles at Cameron, then a knock on the door. He goes over, opens it, talks to room service, passes him some cash, and wheels in the cart full of goodies, pastries, tea, coffee, sandwiches, and whatever else you want to pretend is there cuz listing off all this food is making me hungry >.<. He wheels it over to the area by the bed where there is a table and two comfy chairs. "Thought you might be hungry when you woke up, and figured for sure you'd probably want coffee, soooo...." He gives a hopeful smile, like a puppy wanting praise >.<

Cameron: He blushes madly and walks over to the chairs "You shouldn't have" He smiles madly and pours himself a coffee "I love coffee!" He laughs "Would you like me to pour you one?" He asks lifting up the coffee poury thing gesturing that he's ready to pour some when needed

Laz: He shakes his head, "No thanks, I prefer Earl Grey in the morning." He smiles and nods at the tea. "I'll be right out, just going to put some clothes on." He goes in to the bathroom, and comes back out a few minutes later wearing just his pants/belt and white under shirt, and sits down in one of the chairs.

Cameron: he slowly picks up the kettle and pours, every gently some hot water into a cup. He then slowly deposits a tea bag into the boiling water just like a butler would do

Laz: He smiles and nods at Cameron, "Thanks, that's very kind of you." He reaches for a scone and places it in a small plate in front of him. "I asked if they had clotted cream, but that is apparently a distinctly British condiment because they said they didn't have it, and I don't think the guy even knew what I was talking about."

Cameron: he gives out a hearty, jolly laugh "if you want I could try and make or summon or what ever some clotted cream?" He shrugs gently sipping his coffee

Laz: He looks intrigued, "Really, you can do that with food? And it'll be the actual food, not just a mirage?"

Cameron: He shrugs and rubs his hands together, closing his eyes and attempting to steal someone's clotted cream from Britain or somewhere. After some time a small china plate appears with a lump of clotted cream right in the middle of it

Laz: He smiles and gives an impressed look at Cameron, "Wellll I should have friended a Hecate kid sooner, that's very kind of you, thank you."

Cameron: He laughs "It's fine, no need to thank me" He slowly sips his coffee, looking at Laz "What time should we go back?"

Laz: He shrugs as he puts some clotted cream on his scones and takes a bite, once he finishes chewing and all that, he sips his tea and responds, "OH any time, I paid for two nights just so that we wouldn't have to rush out of here for check out, the sign said that checking out at the hotel had to be by 10am, and considering how late we were getting in, I hate to have to rush."

Cameron: He laughs "Yeah rushing's the worse" He pulls out a packet of cigars and pulls one out with his mouth, before re-placing the packet in his front pocket. He then lights the flame with a click of his fingers

Laz: He raises an eyebrow in curiosity, "I didn't realise cigars were still popular, I figured all people smoked now a days was fags, or sorry in America it's cigarettes isn't it?"

Cameron: He pulls it out, blowing purple smoke rings like Gandalf (o.o omfg he's younger gandalf) "Yeah, but cigars taste better, in my opinion anyways"

Laz: "When I was alive last, I generally preferred pipes myself." He smiles and sips more tea and eats more food stuffs. "So do you have a preference when we head back? I could call a cab to be here in an hour or so or a few hours, whichever, we could always take advantage of the hotel room for a few hours before leaving." He winks and grins.

Cameron: He can't help but laughs gently "Uhm it's up to you really, I don't really mind at all" He smokes the cigar again, slowly huffing and puffing 

Laz: He shrugs, "I mean, you may be a bit sore, it was your first time, I don't want to pressure you for more too fast."

Cameron: He shrugs a smirk on his face "That's sweet" He lowers his cigar "I'm sure I can cope" He places his left leg on his right leg and rests his right arm on his leg

Laz: He grins and finishes off his tea and scone, "Perhaps I was too hasty in taking a shower, maybe I need a second one." He grins as he insinuates stuff n stuff >.<

Cameron: he smirks and slowly leaves his seat, standing and taking slow steps towards Laz's seat

Laz: He moves his seat out so that it's completely facing Cameron, but doesn't get up yet, "So perhaps some shower fun then?" He grins

Cameron: he stops and laughs gently like a jolly giant "if ya want Laz" he offers his hand to help pull Laz out of his roosting position

Laz: Laz takes his hand and stands up and they go into the bathroom and run the water, and as far as anyone reading this is concerned, especially anyone really young, they played rubber duckies together in the tub, beyond that, there's nothing else you need to know or see here, I mean this isn't a porn video ya know, so shoo

time passes

Cam: he leaves the bathroom, a towel round his waist and another in his hand drying his hair. He takes slow, lazy steps towards the bed

Laz: He follows with just his pants on, and a towel drying his hair, "What time should we have the cab waiting downstairs?"

Cameron: he picks up his pocket watch that he had laid on his bed side table the night before. "Uhm..." He takes a long glance "it's around 4:36 and 30, 31, 32, 33 second so around 6?" He turns around to ask for Laz's approval "Or five?" He says a sort of second option

Laz: He chuckles and tosses the towel behind him back into the bathroom when he feels satisfied his hair is dry enough, "How about 5:30, that should give us plenty of time." He walks over to the phone and starts to try to call out, but it takes him a few minutes cuz he has a hard time figuring out how to get an outside line and has to read the instructions on the phone twice.

Cameron: He can't help but chuckles thinking how cute it is that someone can't work a normal phone "Would you like some help or something?" He finishes drying his face/hair/beard thingy and puts his white shirt on over his stomach. He starts drying his legs next

Laz: Just as Cameron asks Laz is finally talking to someone on the other end, and after a few minutes he hangs up and turns to Cameron, "Got it, took a bit, I didn't realise some phones had to be so particular in order to dial them, it seems in hotels the phones are internal until you dial a 9 to get outside the hotel..." He smiles and goes to put his shirts on.

Cameron: he laughs "yep, that's how it works" he starts to put on his underwear, then drops the towel around his waist then slowly pulls up his trousers

Laz: Once he's fully dressed, as they didn't bring any luggage, he looks around to make sure he didn't forget anything, though, as he had so little on him, that's rather unlikely >.< but he checks anyway, and then looks over at Cam, "Ready?"

Cameron: he taps his thighs, checking if his keys are in them, they are. He nods over "all good too go"

Laz: He smiles, "Mmmm I suppose I am." He grins and winks and then opens the door for Cameron, where because I'm bored and tired and don't want to get tied up in miniscule details, they go down to the lobby out to the curb and into the cab.

Cab back to campEdit

Laz: He confirms with the driver their destination, though the cab driver gives them a slightly odd look considering their destination is a bus stop just outside a town on Long Island near a strawberry market that as far as the mortals are concerned is closed in the winter.

Cameron: He turn and smiles at Laz "Thanks for that night, it was... amazing isn't a work that comes close to it" He laughs and smirks a bit "S-So would it be okay if we did something like this a bit more often? You know, like..." He blushes and he says the word "dating?"

Laz: Laz chuckles and quickly thinks to himself that he could probably handle a bit more of this, maybe a few days to a week or two before he gets completely bored with Cameron, and of course he has to make sure Cameron is convinced it's Cameron's fault when they stop seeing each other, he puts on a sincere smile and slides his hand to Cameron's leg, "Sure, I'd like that."

Cameron: he leans back in his seat gently, a large, warm smile on his face like someone just given him a hot chocolate and it's warmed all his insides up. He places his hands on Laz's

Laz: He yawns a bit, "Man, I never sleep well in strange places, then again I guess considering I've only had a body for the last few months, everywhere is a bit strange." He chuckles, the cab driver gives an odd look up in his rear view mirror, but ignores them.

Cab drive pulls up at the bus stop across from the road to camp.

Cameron: He laughs "It's only natural, you know fingers and all" He gets out the cab "Would you like me to pay? You've paid so much last night I'd feel so bad if I didn't at least pay for the cab for the way back!"

Laz: He gives an odd look at the fingers comment, "Huh fingers? what?" But realising that Cameron needs an answer to the comment about money and the cab driver is clearly impatiently waiting he moves his attention back to that, "Oh, sure." He shrugs. "I'll let you get this one." He smiles and pecks Cameron on the cheek as he walks past so that Cameron can pay the cab driver, when his back is turned to Cameron he gives a sly grin as he thinks about how much fun the next week or two of stringing Cameron along will be, he walks over to the side of the road by camp and waits for Cameron.

Cameron: He blushes and pulls out some money from his back pocket and passes it slowly to the cab driven. He thanks the man and follows towards the end of the cab before crossing and standing next to Laz "ready?"

Laz: He nods, "As ready as I'll ever be." He thinks to himself after in his head as a continuation to that sentence would have been /considering I live in a camp with tweens and kids that drive me batty/ but he didn't say that part out loud. So instead he just turns and starts to walk with Cameron. "I have to say, not really looking forward to as much snow as I've seen these parts of America get, I mean, when I was a ghost I didn't care, but I mean in England they rarely got snow like I've seen it snow around here." He pauses and chuckles to himself. "This one time, I was up around Maine doing some haunting, and there was like, I don't know 2 or more meter of snow it seemed like. And kids would walk across it on snowshoes, and I would hide underneath and pop out and make myself visible at the last second. They'd run screaming."

Cameron: He can't help but laugh/smirk, like when you smirk but you laugh through your nose, idk I do it when I read funny chat comments "You shouldn't scare little kids. You probably gave them nightmares with your ugly face" He says in a joking kind of way

Laz: "Oh, it was the 1800s I think, they were scared of everything back then anyway." He grins and pokes Cameron's arm in a playful way...

Cameron: he laughs and he offers Laz his hand so that they can hold hands as they walks up to camp together. He gives Laz a large smiles, showing his white teeth as they glisten in the light of the dusk

Laz: He takes Cameron's hand, figuring if he's going to play the part and string Cameron along for a week or two, he had better go all in. Though holding his hand made him feel nothing really, except maybe a twinge of control at how fast Cameron seems to be having feelings for him.

Cameron: He smiles and starts to walk with Laz's hand in his, swinging them gently as he takes large strides through the wooded hill

Laz: He whistles a tune as they walk into camp, which if Cameron knows music at all, especially old songs, is My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean, but he doesn't talk, just enjoys the silence. Well the non-talking silence, as he's whistling so >.< not total silence >.<

Cameron: He smiles and whistles as well, going along the tune with Laz, laughing a bit as he does so. They reach the large stone arch 

Laz: As they cross the border, suddenly a loud bangy sound erupts behind them, and Laz turns and laughs, "haha, that was close, stupid hellhound will have a pug face if he keeps crashing his head on the barrier like that." He looks at the hellhound in amusement, especially knowing it can't get past the border.

Cameron: He laughs and looks behind him "You have to admit a hellhound pug would be the cutest thing ever" He smiles and stops to watch the hellhound nearly bash it's brains out on the border

Laz: He shrugs and turns around to walk the rest of the way into camp, and in the process his hand slides out of Cameron's, not in an intentional way, but a sort of lazy not paying attention way, "I was watching this movie the other day, called Blade I think, there was this pomeranean monster thing, cute on the outside, but it's face opened up into this odd monster looking mouth, it was quite amusing."

Cameron: He laughs a bit and follows Laz, not quite catching up but trailing behind "Like the dogs on The Thing" He laughed "I love those dogs" He laughs again to himself, sliding his hands in his pockets as he takes quick walking/jogging steps

Laz: He watches the ground ahead of him as he walks, and turns his head slightly in a quizzical manner, "what thing?"

Cameron: "No, The Thing" He laughs "The Thing is like a horror film about an alien that lands in the Artic and these American Scientist have to try and kill it." He smiles "The paranoia in that film is the best I've ever seen"

Laz: Still not getting it and having a bit of a who's on first moment, he asks, "What's the horror film called?"

Cameron: "okay the horror films title is 'THE' okay? The Thing" he sighs loudly "it's called The Thing"

Laz: He turns his head to Cameron quizzically, while still walking forwards towards the cabins, "Huh, odd name for a film." Though in his head, he now thinks the title is /The/ and not anything else, and is still completely unsure what /thing/ means, but he hates it when he doesn't understand something, and would rather lie or be vague pretending he gets it, than asking one more time.

Cameron: he shrugs, in his mind it wasn't such a strange name but he decided to drop the subject. Anyways there were much stranger names for horror films, like IT and things

Laz: They arrive at the Hecate cabin, and for a moment, Laz isn't sure what to do, continue their interaction together, or perhaps have some alone time, I mean he does want Cameron as attached as possible in the end, but he doesn't want to over-do it to the point that Cameron feels smothered and then Laz's whole plan would backfire. "I had a really nice time." He smiles....

Cameron: He smiles back, placing one hand on the door knob to the cabin, opening slightly so that it's ajar "Yeah, same. Thanks it was just amazing, you put so much effort into it" he blushes gently

Laz: He smiles bigger, "Well you were worth it." He continues to stand there, waiting either for an invitation in or for Cameron to go in and close the door to end the date.

Cameron: He doesn't want to be that overly attached boyfriend so he decides to wait till Laz leaves, or asks if he may come in

Laz: He sticks his hands casually into his pockets, in a laid back manner, "Maybe we could get together and do something tomorrow..... If you would like...

Cameron: Cameron nods, a small grin on his face "Yeah I'd love to.... Where should we like meet up? Or should I come like knocking at your door?"

Laz: He thinks about it for a few moments and shrugs, "I don't know, what would you like to do?"

Cameron: He shrugs back, he's happy as long as he's with Laz "Wanna just hang around my place?"

Laz: He smiles and nods, "Sure, I'll come by here around noon? I'll bring us take out." He smiles and leans in to kiss Cameron on the cheek, then he pulls away a bit but still quite close, their lips only a few inches apart, "So I guess I'll see you tomorrow then."

Cameron: He breaths heavily, his cheek is warm and red under Laz's soft lips. He closes his eyes as if put in a trance by Laz's sweet words and the way he acts. After some time of being breath taken, Cameron nods "S-See you tomorrow" He replies

Laz: He smiles and brushes a quick but sweet kiss on Cameron's lips and then turns and walks away.....