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Will: Being bored as hell, he walks out of Pandia's Cabin and decides to take a walk around and look for interesting stuff to do. The snow is falling mildly from the dark cloudy sky covering most of the ground with a thin sheet of white. He is wearing a navy blue sweater, jeans and winter boots.

Rex: He's standing just outside his cabin, his warm dark blue winter jacket is zipped all the way up and he has his hands stuffed in his coat pockets. One of the shoe laces on his right boot is a bit loose and there's a small stain on the left leg of his denim jeans where he spilled a bit of his morning cup of coffee on them. He sighs and shivers a bit, reaching up to adjust the strap on his dark blue messenger bag, that is so close to the colour of his jacket it's hard to tell where one stops and the other starts, growing up in Alaska he was fairly used to the cold, but after having been away so long he was softening up a bit. Granted this cold spell the east coast was having this week was crazy cold for this part of America, but regardless of the cold he was sick of being inside and figured he'd wander about for something to do.

Will: He walks past Persephone's Cabin, his feet leaving footsteps in the now mildly thick sheet of snow. He notices Rex standing by his cabin and jogs toward him, mixed ice and snow crackling under his boots. He was about a meter away from him when he trips on a tree root that was covered in snow making it impossible to see. He dives toward a standing Rex, his hands flailing as he's about to faceplant in the snow.

Rex: He smiles as he sees Will coming towards him, and when he sees Will start to teeter forward and fall, he has a few seconds at most to act and use his powers to toss a pile of flowers to soften Will's fall, which is an awfully odd sight in such a white/winter scene, to all of a sudden have bright vibrant poofy lilacs and lilly's, but it was the first thing that came to mind for some reason. Within a couple of minutes of making the flowers they will start to wilt and die.

Will: He dives face first into the pile of flowers appearing out of nowhere, which confuses Will a bit. His arms carves itself a figure down on the snow at the area where he fell, creating some sort of misconfigured and deformed snow angel with wilting flowers on the middle. He then attempts to stand up, struggling a bit at first but eventually manages to. He is a bit shaky and checks to see if his arms are okay and once he's sure, he shakes off the mixed snow and dirt that laced themselves upon his clothes. He then walks on towards Rex. "Hey, uh sorry you had to witness that." He scratches the back of his head, clearly embarrassed.

Rex: He shrugs and chuckles, "We all fall sometimes, hope your landing was ok, I wasn't sure how soft I could make the flowers in that short a time, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw you falling." He gives a sincere look of like, assuring Will that it's all good, and he didn't need to be embarrassed, deciding to move on to a new topic, "So what are you up to today?"

Will: "Well, my landing was great. Could have broken something if it weren't for your flowers so yeah, thanks." He smiles, slips his hands into his pockets and shrugs. "Well, nothing really. I was bored and I felt like I needed to go outside, to like look for something interesting to do."

Rex: He smiles, "Well then, you and I have the same thing in mind, it's cold but I couldn't stand to be inside any longer, figured I'd come out and poke around outside." He smiles and gives a casual wink, flirty but not overtly so, just enough so it's not awkward. "Perhaps it was fate."

Will: He grins and chuckles. "Well if it is fate, I think it has some plans for us don't you think? Perhaps it wants us to go ummm I dunno, maybe ice skating?" He smiles playfully.

Rex: He grins, "Now you're speaking my language, but if we're doing that, let me run back in an grab my hockey skates, I hate renting." He smiles, runs back into his cabin that was still just behind hi a bit as he hadn't gone far, then 3 minutes later comes back out with his black hockey skates slung over his shoulder. "I'm ready!" He grins.

Will: "Ooooh, someone is eager to go skating with me." He winks. "Well, since it seems like you're ready, let's go then."

They walked to the ice skating rink in the nearby town's park

Skating RinkEdit

Will: "Okay, so I'm just gonna go rent me some skates. Wait for me here." He says to Rex before dashing off towards the rental hut, getting at the end of a somewhat long line. Lots of people are littered around the skate rink, from small children to adults and even a very few amount of elderly people, holding on to the rink's walls on the side. He soon gets his skates and runs over to where Rex is. "Sorry to keep you waiting. It seems that the ice rink is pretty busy this time of the year."

Rex: While he was waiting he found a seat and was sitting down putting his skates on when Will came back over, "Yea plus it's probably the warmest out today than it's been in a week, well I use the term loosely, 41 degrees Fahrenheit is hardly warm, but it's warmer than the like 0 temperatures we'd been getting." He finishes putting his skates on and sticks his shoes under the bench.

Will: "Yeah." He says, nodding in agreement. He then takes a seat on the bench and starts putting on his skates, sticking out his shoes under the bench right next to Rex's. Once he was done, he walks on towards the ice rink and takes his first step in, a bit nervous as it was a while since he last skated on ice. He looks back at Rex and waves. "Hey! Come on let's go!" He smiles.

Rex: He follows, chuckling a bit watching Will take his first few steps and then reaches the ice himself, and having grown up in Alaska and practically lived in his skates at time, it was easy for Rex to find his skating legs and he went out a few yards and came around to face Will and skate backwards as Will skated forwards.

Will: He smiles as he moves forward, a bit shaky at first but manages to skate gracefully afterwards....for a while. When he is about a meter away from Rex, he loses balance and falls on his rear, causing him to wince a bit. He tries standing up but loses balance again, this time falling into his knees. "Argh...."

Rex: Not wanting to draw attention obviously he can't create flowers again, and skates over to Will to help him back up and steady himself, "You ok?" He reaches out a hand and gets in a position/stance so that when Will takes his hand support he won't fall with Will.

Will: He takes Rex's hand and carefully stands up, finally managing to in about a few minutes. "Yeah thanks...just a bit of pain in the arse." He rubs his butt with the palm of his hand and then started feeling the ice below, seeing if he could manage to skate well this time. "Sorry about that by the way. It's been so long since I last skated. Two winters ago if I remember correctly."

Rex: He nods, "Yea growing up in Alaska there's not a lot to do besides skate, well... I mean other winter sports as well but..." He shrugs and reaches out his hands and gets in a pose to skate backwards again. "Give me your hands..."

Will: He feels a bit surprised, like his heart is tingling inside somehow. He hesitates for a while, careful not to show the hesitation on his face but soon realizes that there's nothing to be afraid of. He slowly stretches out his arms in front of Rex and grabs his hands.

Rex: He smiles warmly and has a firm yet light/warm grip on Will's hands and then grins, "Just warn me before I run into someone, but I'll guide you until you get your skate legs back under you." He smiles an starts skating backwards slowly, enough so that he's not pulling Will, but that Will won't fall either.

Will: He smiles as he skates forward in front of Rex who is skating backwards, his hand in his'. He breathes in the cold air surrounding the rink, the sun shining faintly behind the dark clouds above. He notices a large group of people nearby, skating in front of them, or rather, behind Rex's. "Umm Rex, there's lots of people behind you.."

Rex: He grins and and suddenly starts going the other way, so that Will is skating backwards, but slow enough that Rex can direct him, "Well good thing there's no one behind you then." He looks behind Will and figures he has roughly 10 meters before there's definite obstructions and makes sure to go at a slow enough pace that the sudden reversal doesn't throw off Will too much.

Will: He gets a bit shaken when Rex suddenly reverses their track so that he is now the one skating backwards. He isn't that too familiar with backward skating and almost fell again but since Rex was holding on to him, he managed. "H-hey! Warn me next time, okay?" He squeezes Rex's right hand and smiles.

Rex: "what fun would that be?" He grins clearly teasing then does some snazzy move I can't begin to describe, but imagine some smooth ballroom dancing type move on ice where he pulls Will towards him then does some spin, I don't know, I can picture it but I can't describe it >.<

Will: He blushes a bit but goes with it, eventually smiling. He then thinks of something fun to do and ideas flood his mind. "Hey, wanna play tag? On ice?" He grins.

Rex: He chuckles, "Are you sure that would be a fair fight?" He sticks out his tongue in a half taunting half teasing way. "I mean I've been skating my whole life since I was old enough to wear skates."

Will: He raises an eyebrow and smiles. "I just started getting a hang of it again..well..mostly but yeah. Bring it on." He pokes his nose with his finger and playfully says: "Tag." He then dashes off, skating as fast as he can. He's still a little bit shaky but he manages to put some distance between him and Rex and then enters an area with a large crowd of people.

Rex: He laughs and gives Will a bit of a head start, then darts around the crowd, trying to lose himself in a group of people, so that he can get to the other side of the crowd that Will is going through and cut him off at the other side.

Will: He doesn't notice Rex anywhere around and soon comes into conclusion that he has lost him and that Rex couldn't see where we went. But he was wrong. He continues skating until he reaches the end of the crowd where stands and starts looking around, a bit tired after all that skating.

Rex: Skates up to him, reaches out, tags him, sticks out his tongue and races away towards the opposite end of the rink where they entered laughing as he goes. Narrowly missing a few other skaters in the process that give him a funny look.

Will: He yelps a bit, surprised that Rex was just there and he didn't see him. He soon races after him, keeping him in sight at all times, distance slowly growing between them. He bites his lip and picks up his pace, determined to catch up to him and tag him.

Rex: He runs into a few people blocking his path which slows him down considerably. He tries to go around them but the group is fairly large and all clustered together.

Will: He follows Rex into the crowd of people and desperately reaches for him, hoping he can tag him. His desperation pays off as he manages to grab his coat's sleeve and quickly tags him. He then sticks out his tongue at him and pushes back to get out of the crowd, ignoring the people looking at him.

Rex: He grins and speeds back after Will, "Haha good one" As he's trying to get to Will, he notices a kid off to the side having just fallen on the ground, crying out in pain and fright, but no one seemed to be going towards him, like parents or anything, so he stops his chase for Will and skates over to the little boy who looks to be about 5, "Are you ok? Where's your parents?"

Will: He looks back and notices that Rex stopped chasing after him. He thinks it might just be a trick and that he may show up when he least expected it but he sees him a moment later after looking around. He sees him with a little boy and skates over towards them. "Okay time-out first." He does the sign where you make a "T" with your hands. "So, what's up?"

Rex: The boy is just staring up at them with trembling lips, "I saw him upset, looked like he'd fallen, didn't see any parents with him though." He looks back at the boy, "Are you lost?"

Boy: The boy sniffles, a piece of snot freezing to his lip >.< and shakily nods up and down

Rex: "Well, why don't you let me help you get back to your feet, so you don't get a cold, and then we can look around for your parents." He offers the boy a hand and the boy takes it and gets to his feet, then Rex looks around, "What do your parents look like? Do you remember what colour coats they had on?"

Boy: with a slight stutter he meekly responds, "Umm daddy had on a bright orange hat and a green jacket...."

Will: "Hey, at least let me help." He smiles reassuringly at Rex and then down at the boy. "I'll go look for his dad, you go ask him about his mom." He pats the boy on the back. "Don't worry, we'll find your parents." He says before dashing off, his head constantly turning from left to right, looking for a bright orange hat matched with a green jacket.

Rex: He nods at Will and smiles, "Do you remember what your mum was wearing?"

Boy: He sniffles, "sh she....wears a halo......"

Rex: Looks confused for a moment, "Was your mother with you today?"

Boy: He shakes his head no

Rex: it dawns on him that his mother must have died at some point, hence the halo. At which point in that moment there is some large crashing noises coming from the woods to the east side of the rink, but oddly enough most people don't seem to hear or pay any attention to it, except the boy looks even more terrified.

Will: He stops in his track as he hears the noise and then turns his head towards the direction of the noise. He squints so he can get a better look and when he can't see anything at the woods, he rushes off back to where Rex is. "Hey ummm....did you hear that?"

Rex: He nods, "yea but barely anyone else noticed it, well the kid did but...." He looks at the kid, then over at Will, then to where the sound is coming from and getting closer, "Did you bring anything?" He's trying to insinuate 'weapons' without saying the word so he doesn't freak out the kid.

Will: He was confused at first but he eventually gets it after a moment. He then nods. "Oh yeah, here." He slips his hand into his pocket and pulls out a swiss knife that can transform into his sword. He also shows Rex his wristwatch that can turn into a shield.

Rex: It occurs to hi to ask the boy a question he hadn't asked yet, and rushing a but as the noises from the forest continue, "When you last saw your father?" With tears in his eyes, the boy raises his shaking finger towards the forest where the sounds are emanating from. "That's what I was afraid of, you stay right here ok? Don't run off, we're going to go look ok?" the boy nodded and Rex turns back to Will standing up fully again, "If it gets bad I can shadow travel us away, you ready?"

Will: He nods and slips his right hand into his pocket, gripping the swiss knife tightly. He then inhales deeply and breathes it all out with a sigh. "I guess I'll be ready as I'll ever be." He says, he's a bit nervous but thinking back to all of the training he had done back at camp so far, he thinks he'll be okay. Not to mention he's with Rex too.

Rex: Just as he's about to mention that they lack real shoes to trek over to the forest and off the ice, the noise gets closer and people start to run screaming, he wonders what the mist is showing them, and stops wondering when he sees a guy being thrown through the air, with a green jacket just like the kid described, a celestial bronze sword in one hand, and a severely bleeding wound in his shoulder, right behind him is the manticore, busting through the wooden side of the rink, fortunately for them, the Manticore didn't seem all that prepared for the ice, and its legs started to wobble and slide out from underneath it, he yells out quickly, "Try to use the ice to our advantage, it doesn't look like it likes it." in the background he heard a mortal yell something about an escaped elephant from the zoo, he chuckles despite the obvious danger and pulls sword from his pocket.

Will: He gapes as the manticore crashes into the rink and despite being shocked and all, he quickly shakes himself back to reality and dashes off towards the monster. He pulls out his swiss knife and transforms it into shortsword. He also activates his wristwatch shield in case of some manticore thorns getting involved. He uses Rex's tip and circles around the monster, skating as fast as he can, trying to confuse it. He gets a little wobbly but manages to get back on his feet, gripping the hilt of his sword tightly causing his knuckles to go white.

Rex: He circles around in the opposite direction of Will to give it two targets to focus on and hopefully keep it even more distracted, as it struggles to gain its footing on the ice. Behind them the boy had come out from his hiding spot to kneel down by his father, who is surprisingly still conscious but clearly badly wounded and unable to stand yet. As Rex keeps his sword ready to strike, he summons ivy vines up through the ice (as it's a rink there is only dirt underneath the ice, it's not a pond) to try to bind the Manticore's tail to keep it from being able to swing it around and attack with it. The Manticore becomes even more surprised by this, and as it tries to get its tail free, it loses its footing on the ice and goes down hard on its side, yowling in frustration and pain.

Will: He watches as the Manticore crashes down on the ice and sees it as an opportunity to strike. He concentrates and focuses an intense beam of moonlight and runs it down on it's back, hoping it would burn it's flesh. He then skates around it but slips and crashes, stopping right in front of the Manticore's angry and fearsome face, the monster snarling at him and then advances to bite him. He quickly thrusts his shortsword forward and lodges it on it's teeth, stopping it's attack and disabling the Manticore's jaw and mouth.

Rex: Once the manticore moved its focus onto Will, Rex quickly skated around to the back, where the tail was still thrashing to get out from the restraints of the ivy, he quickly uses his sword to slash at the tail, cutting it off, and then stab with his sword towards its side, while at the same time Will was attacking its mouth and jaw, so that between the two attacks the monster goes to dust. Rex turns his sword back into his swiss army knife an sticks it in his pocket, trying to catch his breath, momentarily forgetting all about the father and son 50 meters away.

Will: He lies down on the ice, trying to catch his breath after the manticore explodes into dust. He stands up soon after and then transforms his sword back into a swiss knife and places it back on his pocket. He then decides to look around, his guard up, looking out for any monsters that could still be lurking around the area, his head constantly shifting to examine as many areas as he can with proper concentration. He then notices the father and the son and taps Rex's shoulder before skating off towards them, kneeling down beside the boy and looking at the father's wounds.

Rex: He follows Will over to the dad and son, the son still looks scared, but when he realises the son is starting to look tired, and suddenly goes from looking like a 5 year old to more like a teenager, he gives a shocked look back and forth from the son to the father.

Boy: He stutters, "Are...uhhh... you guys demigods too?" He looks down at his dad worried, or well the guy that is presumably his father, though he looks like he can't be over 30, he's alive, but badly wounded.

Rex: He nods, "We are, I take it your dad? Or whoever he is to you, is quite injured, we should get him back to camp. If he was fighting the manticore and putting up a fight, I take it he's a demigod?" The teen boy nods. "And do you know which goddess is your mom?"

Boy: He nods, "My dad said it was Aphrodite, that's why I can change my looks."

Rex:: He pulls out some Ambrosia and tries to get the guy to eat some, he's barely conscious and hasn't really spoken except a few mumbles.

Will: His eyes widen as he sees the little boy change appearances to something more teenager-like. His eyes flutter to the dad afterwards who seems like he's in a lot of pain judging from his appearance and his wounds. "Okay, we should probably bring them to the Infirmary now. You go comfort him" He refers to the son"...while I carry his dad." He tells Rex and helps the dad to stand up, a bit of his energy returning because of the ambrosia and he opens his eyes, though only half-open. He slings the father's right arm over his shoulder and supports his back with his left arm, they both walk slowly, well Will skates slowly and it becomes hard for the both of them as they are in an ice rink after all.

Rex: He thinks for a moment, as the boy stands up, "What's your name?"

Boy: He hesitates, "Uhhh it's Gulliver, but I'd uh, rather you call me Kanan, my middle name." He shrugs, "My dad's name is Ulysses." He goes back to being silent.

Rex: "Well my name's Rex, this here is Will." He looks over as the dad struggles to lean on to Will, but at the same time, Will, himself and Kanan all still have their ice skates on and the dad, Ulysses is clearing gaining a bit of strength from the wound, but Rex is really worried that one of the spiked tips might have hit something major. "Maybe I should just shadow travel him back, and you walk back with Kanan, or I can shadow travel back for you guys, I mean, I can't do 4 of us at once, but I could probably do him, then come back for you guys." (OOC just so I don't forget, the dad's middle name is Walden, and their last name is Branagh >.<)

Will: I think Mr. Ulysses here is in the most need of getting into the infirmary quickly so I'll just stay here with Kenan and keep things in check." He skates slowly towards Rex, keeping a firm grip around Ulysses' back so that Rex could grab him and then shadow-travel him to Camp.

Rex: He nods and takes the father under his arm so he's steady, but barely, "want me to come back for you guys, or are you going to walk back to camp and the infirmary?"