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Hey, litte train...Edit

(Idk about the title, I just loved that scene in HP and anfjknkimcdcn)

idk who we're rp'ing still lol

Jayson he walks towards the forest pond and finds a fallen log that has relatively no snow on it to sit on, ignoring the cold he sighs and pulls out his journal, shivering a bit but not caring

Tacey: walks up behind Jayson and clears her throat hey, want company?

Jayson: oh hey tace, sure, why not he suddenly realises how cold it is where he's sitting and reads/writes a better and warmer bench for them to sit on, that could easily sit 5 people, he gets up off his log and sits on the bench instead and motions for Tacey to join

Tacey: she smiles weakly and sits down on the end how's things with Cass? still no cure?

Jayson: he shakes his head, his eyes red and bloodshot from loss of sleep nope....

Tacey: I'm so sorry

Ella: Watches them from afar, kinda wanting to approach, but at the same time thinks she shouldn't since she can't really empathise as she wasn't as close to Cassandra as Jayson was. Ever since breaking up with Harry, she hasn't really been all that trustful of guys, so she continues watching them, until she figures she has nothing better to do and wants to comfort him. She sits behind him, awkwardly Er, hey, sorry about Cassandra.  She looks outwards beyond the pond, sighing hesitantly 

Jayson looks over at Ella oh hey Ella, uhh thanks realising Ella hadn't met Tacey yet he jumps in oh sorry, Ella this is my half sister Tacey, Tacey this is Cass's friend Ella

Tacey: smiles and nods at Ella hi nice to meet you she rummages in her messenger bag she has slung over her shoulder and as she pulls out a pack of gum, a picture flutters to the snowy ground by Ella's feet, the picture looks as if it was crumpled a few times and straigtened back out, it shows Tacey in the image with another guy with tan skin, tall, dark hair, with his arm around Tacey, she doesn't notice the photo fall and instead offers a stick of peppermint gum to Jayson and Ella

Jayson he smiles and takes a piece, sticking the wrapper in his front pants pocke so he doesn't litter and starts chewing on it

EllaShe smiles at Ella in thanks and appreciation Than- She's interrupted by the sight of the photo, dusted lightly with white flakes of snow. She bends down, her scarf cascading quickly down her neck, its bright, crimson colour giving off a strong contrast against the dry, frigid white scenery Hm. She admires the photo for a few seconds, not being able, but to recollect painful memories of her time with Harry. She lets out an exasperated sign, and rests her head on her own hand. When she recognises Tacey in the picture, she half turns to spy Tacey in the corner of her sight, comparing their appearances. You look really pretty, Tacey. Is that your boyfriend?

Tacey: when tacey realises what's in Ella's hand her eyes glaze over a bit and she looks down ummm ex actually, we....we broke up..... she doesn't say anymore nor does she reach for the picture, she'd been wanting to throw it away for a week or two, but she just couldn't bring herself to do it

Jayson recognising the hurt in tacey's eyes he moves so he's closer to her and puts his arm around her he doesn't deserve you, after all you went through to break up with you that easily, the guy's a duche bag

EllaShe turns slightly, facing Tacey. Are you gonna want this back, or...?

Tacey: shakes her head would you mind umm disposing of it for me? I just....haven't been able to bring myself to do it.....

Ella: No problem Shrugs, and tosses it into the air, the wind carrying it gently, then drops it into the half frozen pond. 

Tacey she looks back over at Ella and smiles weakly thanks....

Ella: It's nothing, really. She turns to Jayson Er, how're you holding up?

Jayson shrugs as good as can be expected, they still haven't figured out a cure for her uh....condition

EllaShe frowns Did you hear about the woman?

Jayson: shakes his head woman? no what about a woman?

EllaNot sure if she should tell him, she changes the subject You're not cold?

Jayson:shrugs hadn't noticed, but wait, what woman, what are you talking about,what's happened?

EllaShe blinks blankly, wondering why he still didn't know 

Jayson stares at her with a look that screams he's getting impatient look just tell me, I'd rather hear it from you than someone else anyway

EllaShe opens her mouth reluctantly, then catches herself before telling him Really? Are you sure you haven't heard

Jayson nope, not a peep, but I've been, kinda....

Tacey she interrupts him he's been sulking and brooding off on his own all the time

Ella: Ah, well, I guess I'll rip it off like a bandage. Some time after Cassandra turned into a wolf, she ventured out into the woods, eventually crossing the path to the town; she decided to follow the path, then came across a woman in a red jogging suit. Cassandra killed her.

Jayson: sighs and shakes his head I was afraid that might happen, I wonder......I wonder how much of i she'l remember if we manage to get her turned back

Ella: Probably, not much, though I wonder what the purpose of turning her into a wolf. I don't think she's done anything to anger anyone, though i could be wrong

Jayson it seems rather random, I checked around, some other odd things going on, and the people effect have no connection, I mean I don't think Cass even knew the Hermes kid Cora that was put into some deep sleep

EllaHer eyes bug open There's other things going on?

Jayson yea at least a few I heard about, all odd fairy tail themed shit

Ella: I would have someone in mind, but things are still really foreign to me around here, so I'm stumped

Cedric: drops down from a tree above hey, talking about all the weird shit going on around here? I heard there were like 6 people inflicted by some random fairy tell curse in the last few eays

EllaTaken aback by his sudden drop, she speaks in a rather hurried tone Really? What else happened? Were the victims all related in some way?

Cedric:  oh yea there's like 6 victims now <insert stuff from that blog here >.< that I'm too lazy to go read about>, there was a note left with all of them with fairy tale stuff

Ella: Hmph, I bet it was a Hecate kid. Someone who was powerful enough.

Rabbit HeartEdit

Gage: walks up to the Melinoe cabin with a messenger bag across his shoulder and knocks on the door

Cassadee: Awoken by the knock, she stretches a bit, groaning groggily. She gets up from the couch and rubs her eyes to bit, then strides over to the door, opening it slowly, then winces at the sudden entrance of vibrant light. Ergh... She rubs her eyes a bit in an attempt to see Gage behind the blinding light 

Gage: Oh ummm hey he stands a bit nervously I umm don't think we've met, I'm Gage, he offers his hand to shake well I'm one of the animal spirits, dog guardian to be precise, and Hades needs me to go on this mission but umm well he suspects there's spirit/ghosty stuff at play, dog's are being murdered but their souls are also being taken, which is kinda hinky, but long story short he thinks I should bring a long a Melinoe kid just in case

CassadeeShe blinks a few times, until she can see clearly Oooh.... Mmmm, I'd go... If you'd like. I need to get out more nowadays anyway

Gage: oh well sure that'd work, I mean if that's ok, but I didn't catch your name?

Cassadee: It's Cassadee. She offers him a handshake

Gage: he shakes her hand Well I'd like to leave within the hour if it's ok with you, not sure how long we'll be gone, possibly overnight, two tops, meet you at the big house in say, an hour? or do you need 2 hours?

Cassadee: Considering I'm not dressed, the more time I've got the better. Two's fine.

Gage: OK, that works, I'll see you in two hours then he turns and leaves, heading towards the nymph sanctuary to talk to Lila before he goes, he gets there and knocks on her door

Lila: She opens the door slightly, then grins from ear to ear at the sight of her boyfriend Gage!

Gage: he smiles but not as big as usual Hey Lila, mind if I come in, we kinda need to talk

Lila: Her smile dissapates to a small grin, then she opens the door wider so that he can come in Sure, what do you need?

Gage: he enters, and looks around a bit, and then turns back to her Well I need to go away for a day or two or three, not really sure how long

Lila: She sighs quietly, out of relief. Oh, what's going on?

Gage: Oh well Hades told me there's a lot of dogs turning up dead around parts of California, but the kicker is the souls are being taken, he's asked I investigate what's going on

Lila: She frowns a bit Oh... You'll be alright? Various signs of worrying are displayed on her face

Gage: he notices the worried look OH don't worry, one of the Melinoe demigod kids is coming with me, Cassadee, we'll be fine

Lila: Oh, what's his name?

Gage: looks at her oddly no, it's a she, I just said, her name's Cassadee

Lila: Oh, sorry. Tries to obscure the fact that she asked to make sure she heard correctly Be safe for me?

Gage: Of course, I mean if Hades really thought it was something massive I doubt he would just send me, and he only asked that I bring along a melinoe kid where it involved spirits/ghosts so.... >.< I tried to make it obvious that Hades asked for any melinoe kid, and he chose a girl

Lila: Oh. Well. She's not entirely angry or anything, just a bit taken back, as he's loyal and stuff, so she just sees it as odd/strange/suspicious I really hope you do great on this thing, and I hope you return well too.

Gage: yea I'm going to toss an offering Hades's way before heading out, I should get packed though cuz I told her I'd meet her in 2 hours

Lila: She pulls him in for a quick embrace I really hope you get back safely. If anything would've happened to you... I. I'm not sure if I'd be able to continue with my casual life.

Gage: pats her on the back it'll be fine, I gotta go pack though he finishes hugging her and then turns and heads down the hall into his room

{{Post|Lila|The sudden action strikes Lila like a slap. Her expression clearly displays hurt and betrayal, even if not purposely, the uneasy feeling of him being with another girl, yet so loyal at the time, mixed a broth of horrid scenarios in her panicking mind. The image of her flickers, fades away slowly, then dissipates

{{Post|Cassadee|She stays in his arms, slightly gaping, then shrugs and gets back up to her feet Thanks, Gage

Cassadee and GageEdit

Cassadee: Waits outside the big house, toying with her hair.

Gage: walks up with a back pack over one shoulder Hey, you all set?

Cassadee: Looks up at him, eyes wide. She flashes a smile, then looks down at the ground, and grabs an apple from a small bag she had placed on the ground in between her legs. She takes a bite, swallows, then looks back with a smile. Totally

Gage: Sweet I have the plane tickets and called a cab to meet us at the camp entrance to get us to the airport he shifts his bag and starts walking towards the camp boundaries

Cassadee: Hops up in a swift movement, then scurries over to trail him, she tosses the apple to the floor, after, she catches up to Gage Excited?

Gage: he shrugs I guess, it'll be nice seeing more of the world, you?

Cassadee: Shrugs Eh, I just like being out in general.

Gage: they get to the cab, and Gage offers to help Cass put her stuff in the trunk, and then opens the door for her to get in the back seat

Cassadee: She smiles at his courtesy and gingerly sits in the back Thanks, Gage. I like a gentlemen. Her smile softens to a small grin.

Gage: he smiles not really picking up on anything and sits next to her, as the cab takes them to the airport Have you ever flown?

Cassadee: Mmm, I don't think so. She looks up in thought Have you?

Gage: Nope, not yet he gets out, holding the door for Cass and gets their luggage, he already has tickets so they just make their way to the plane and get on, finding their seats

Cassadee: She looks a little bewildered Er, you want the window seat? OH by the way, if we get struck down by lightning, I hope you forgive me, Zeus and I have our differences

Gage: Oh, lovely, well I'm sure we'll be fine says a silent prayer to Zeus just in case >.<

Cassadee: Laughs softly Don't worry, I'm sure he wouldn't wanna piss his brother off

Gage: oh yea well hopefully

after a layover in St Louis and a bunch of hours of flying they land in Los Angeles

Cassadee: Steps out of the airport, and turns to Gage, smiling brightly, a glitter in her eyes. She pulls back a wisp of hair from her face, then speaks in a half-hearted voice So, where're we going again?

Gage: OH right, ummm Hades said to start around the entrance to the underworld, that's some music studio in LA isn't it? I've heard about it, but I went straight from Olympus to camp so I haven't seen it yet

Cassadee: Oh, right, I've heard of the place. She envisions the area in her mind, making sure she wasn't thinking of anything else, then she reaches for Gage's hand, grasping it softly, but not really feeling much, as she slowly turn both of them intangible; her thoughts and senses slipped away gradually, like slowly drifting to sleep after a tiresome day. Slowly, they faded from their position, slowly materialising in front of the entrance to the Underworld, returning to their tangible state. She collapses to the ground, panting heavily, tiny beads of sweat trickling down her face This the place?

Gage: has a O.O look on his face as they re-materialise whoa, that was wiggy feeling, kinda tingley he looks around yep this is the place, let's pop in and ask chiron if he knows anything or if Hades left any messages he heads to the door and opens it for Cass

Cassadee: Stands up, a bit disoriented from the lack of energy, she smiles at him as she passes through the door Thanks

Gage: smiles' you're welcome

Chiron: looks up you guys don't look very dead

Gage: oh no we're not looking to enter, Hades sent me to look into the dogs being killed around here, something about their souls being taken?

Chiron: oh well I don't know why he's making such a fuss over some dog souls but yea, it started near here and seems to be spreading out

Gage: huh nothing else to go on?

Chiron: shrugs

Gage: sighs

Cassadee: Hmph... For someone who's down here 24/7 you don't seem like you know much, or like to say a lot.

Gage: tosses Chiron a few drachmas

Chiron: brightens up a bit well if you ask me it's someone or something hungry and pissed at Hades, to go after his sacred animal specifically

Cassadee: Raises her eyebrows a bit I see...

Gage: lovely, sounds like fun, any idea where the most dog deaths is?

Chiron: It just radiates out from around here, so I guess you could say this place is ground zero

Cassadee: Frowns Oh... (should he IM Lila now? >.<)

Gage: Ok well we may be back he turns and walks out with Cass (almost >.<)

Cassadee: Scoffs For someone who deals with dead people, he sure isn't straightforward

Gage: True, but usually the animal souls don't have to pay drachmas and aren't taken in through here so.....he shrugs still though you'd think he'd know something more, OH CRAP, I think Lila wanted me to send her an IM when we landed, I guess I should do that he digs around for a drachma in his messenger bag and then finds a puddle of water and tosses it in, saying Lila's name

Lila: Appears in a bright shimmering image, her face a light red, her eyes look slightly puffy, her eyes light up like flares and a smile breaks the somber appearance Gage! How're you?! Rapidly taps her foot, like a rabbit, if that's not weird >.<

Gage: smiles but seems too busy and distracted to notice Lila's eyes or reaction to seeing him hey sorry meant to IM you like, awhile ago, we got here fine, we just left Chiron (ooc I now have a mental image of thumper thumping his foot >.<)

Lila: (XD) She moves left to right, trying to see where he's at Ohohohoh, you're in the Underworld already? Are you okay?

Gage: no we just popped into the music place where the human souls go, seeing if Chiron knows anything, I think for now we're going to look around outside see where the dogs have been killed, probably get a hotel room for the night he says room, singular not really thinking about what that might sound like

Lila: Ooh, nice who's "we"?

Gage: ahhh, Cassadee, the person I told you was going with me, remember?

Lila: Oh. Right.

Cassadee: She steps over, speaking in a sing-songy tone I heard my name. She slips awkwardly in front of Gage

Gage: he reacts, reaching out to grab cass in one of those typical cliché movie ways with her ending in his arms whoa, you ok?

Lila: His action hit her like a slap, and her reaction clearly displays this. Her cheeks were flushed with betrayal, blood boiled, not of anger, but of pain. The uneasy vibes she had been getting from the situation, made the event as painful as a stab in the chest. Her image slowly dissipates, like a ripple in a pond, and then slowly, her image fades away

Cassadee: Lifts herself up and brushes some dust off What's up with her?

Gage: shrugs no clue, I mean, I never dated anyone before Lila, is it normal for girls to do that?

Cassadee: Hm, probably. I wouldn't be too worried, she'll get over it.

Gage: hm, cool, anywho, it's late we should probably find a place to sleep for the night


Cedric: is sitting on the beach watching the sun set

Lila: She runs to the beach, sobs escaping her quivering lips. She stops and turns into a bunny, then sees Cedric and hops over to him. She returns to her human state and looks at him with sorrowful eyes Hey, Ced

Cedric: *looks over at her* Lila right? you look upset, what's wrong?

Lila: Falls on her back, the sunkissed sand pricking at her I think Gage might be interested in another girl, hopefully not too interested, but I saw him catch her, and it just seemed so, so... Romantic. And believe me, that's not something I wanted to think and or see, but it was one of those moments where your own thoughts can rip your heart in two, but you yourself won't kill the pain because the thought of it's so agonizing that it sticks to you like parasite, slowly draining you until you break. She stops and sighs deeply Sorry for babbling to you, Ced. She dabs at her eyes I guess I just needed to vent to someone

Cedric: *he offers her a handkerchief (ooc he's old school British from back in the 1940s, so I assume that'd be the kinda thing he'd do xD)* well I mean you are the each other's first aren't you? first boyfriend/girl friend I mean, if I recall you guys started dating practically as soon as you arrived from Olympus

Lila: She takes the handkerchief and dabs at her eyes some more. Yea, we are, which makes it all the more painful. She lifts herself up and sits beside Cedric with her legs crossed, the sea surging before them. She huffs. Enough of me wallowing in my own sorrow. How're you, Ced? Meet anyone yet?

Cedric: shrugs not really, but I've had quite a few more years to date than you have he grins my last serious girl friend was over a decade ago

Lila: Pouts and gives him a hug Aw, Ced! Don't you get lonely?

Cedric: *hugs back* I've got friends, just haven't met the right girl, I'm not one to date causally, if I'm in a relationship, it needs to be serious

Lila: She pulls back from the hug Aw, that's sweet, Ced.

Cedric: smiles thanks, so as far as your stuff, I'm sure he's just being a gentleman, so if you need stuff to do to keep your mind off dwelling on it, I'm all yours, anything you want to do, seriously though, dwelling on it will only make it worse than it really is, well than it probably really is

Lila: Plasters on a bright smile' Yea, I guess. Oh, and I'd love to do something with you! What do you have in mind?

Cedric: Hmmm we could go to the movies, maybe grab a bite to eat while we're out

Lila: Oh! The movies! I went there once with Gage! I love the moving pictures and sound, it's so surreal, lets go, lets go

Cedric: grins and stands up, then offers his hand to help Lila up we can go on my bike, unless you'd rather walk?

Lila: She stands up rather excitedlyDoes your bike have a basket? I can ride in it if you want, makes things faster

Cedric: ummm no but you could snuggle up in my jacket, that'd be the warmest

Lila: Smiles at the thought Sounds awesome She turns into a bunny, and hops over to his feet

Cedric: *picks her up and sticks him in his jacket so her little head is up right now, but can put it down if it gets too windy, then sticks his sun glasses on, heads to his bike outside camp, and gets on, heading towards town

Lila: She marvels at the difference of everything, then snuggles into the warmth of his jacket

Cedric: pulls up near the theatre and parks the bike food first or movie, well I mean, once you turn back he pulls her out and sets her down on the sidewalk

Lila: Transform back into her humanoid form and stretches Ahhhh, umum, food? Food'd be great! I can get it while you get seats if you'd like

Cedric: Sure any movie in particular you'd like to see? or just anything?

Lila: *She beams* Oh, anything you wanna see. I'll go and get the food, anything you want?

Cedric: oh anything's fine, oh but grab a diet coke for me if you would he gets two tickets to see Hansel and Gretel

Lila: Returns with his diet coke, a coke for herself, popcorn, and a variety of candies I'm baaack

Cedric: takes the soda from her and hands her the ticket right this way m'lady he smiles and leads her to the room the film is showing in, opening the door for her, holding the seat down so she could sit before sitting himself

Lila: Blushes a bit and sits Thanks so much, Ced! You're too kind. She lets the large variety of candies spill on her lap (not literally, they're still wrapped) Sweet, sour, or chocolate?

Cedric: Hmmm chocolate please

Lila: She tosses him a chocolate and noms a chewy candy anxiously The trailers are my favorite part of pre film rituals She giggles a bit and squirms in her seat

Cedric: smiles mmm I do like seeing what's coming out soon, I remember years ago when the moving picture was still in it's early days, nothing like they have no, all three dimensional high def graphics and such. Everything was black and white when I was a kid