How would you like to be a part of an elite group that's main duty is to patrol around the wiki and help keep the notice boards and announcements up to date? kind of like a news reporter?

Some may have seen we are running a contest this month about news reporting, Reporting the News Contest. The thing is, one of this wiki's weakest areas, in all of our ups and downs, users coming and going, trials and milestones, has always been keeping our user base well informed, both in character and out of character.

My goal is to find enough users who are active on a daily or weekly basis to help out so the wiki is kept more up to date on the comings and goings around here.

For instance, any time you see or notice something you think either other campers or bc members should know in character, or other users should know out of character, like if a user is promoted or if a user leaves, which would be both in and out of character news because out of character they'd be missed, and in character you could list their characters that are now "gone" from camp, or if you notice someone killed off a character, stuff like that. Even something as simple as new characters that their other cabin mates should already "know" about. This will also help users more properly roleplay their characters if they know what information their character should or shouldn't know about.

Keeping our community better informed of what's going on both in character and out of character will help our users feel more connected and involved. If you'd like to be involved drop me a line, I hope to have an in character and out of character version of this.

Places to Edit Updates/News

In Short

If enough seem interested I'd like to maybe start a special news page, one for in character and one for out of character, that will showcase these templates, as well as articles or blogs written by users from this wiki.


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