Many users feel they may have times they could have zero to no edits, so they opt to be classified as "officially less active" yet are still editing more consistently and actively than some users who are actually classified as active. Because we decided awhile ago that entirely officially inactive users shouldn't count in the main cabin counts (so that cabins aren't kept full by users not even editing/roleplaying actively, users who are classified as officially inactive but are still editing doesn't make any sense for their character to be considered not year round. We will now have three levels of classification:

  • Active: Just as it says, active, users who are 95% or more active with zero intent of going inactive any time soon.
  • Semi-Active: Users who, because of various things like school, work, issues at home, etc., though they are currently very active, they could at any time without notice go completely inactive for brief spurts of time. (For instance, someone in school, might suddenly have to study for a test, or end up grounded by their parents for something.) As far as the user/character forum, these users will just be noted with a colour and a note on the other information area, not moved to the officially inactive section.
  • Officially Inactive: This is for users who are definitely not active hardly at all, someone who doesn't get more than a couple of dozen edits a month or even none at all for weeks to months at a time.

Now, if a user that is considered semi-active suddenly goes very inactive, like zero to no edits, we will make sure that nothing happens to their characters. There will still be a note on the user's area of the user/character forum that warns the administration team this could happen. This just ensures that cabins counts are actually split up between users who are actively roleplaying/editing on a fairly regular basis and users who are hardly editing at all.

Any questions, ask myself or User:Demi-hunter13. Thanks :)

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