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"This Message is Brought to You by: Bach!!!"

Hello <insert name here>! What's this you ask? An attack you say? OH MY GOD WHAT'S GOING ON you ask. This is the last prequel to the official start of Lilith's Letter Phase Three, the last and final phase of the Lilith's Letter Saga.

BC Attacked
Starting sometime tomorrow (11 April 2013, East Coast time in America), there will be a preemptive attack on the BC. I will set up some special location pages for this attack so that the regular pages will not be bogged down with more comments. Anyone with Broken Covenant Characters may just jump in and start participating once the attacks are underway. There are a few things OOC you should know before participating:

Things to Know

  1. Depending on how many people actively post the attack will take place between 2 and 3 days out of character time, so around 11 April thru 13 April. This may change depending on how much activity it gets.
  2. The basic idea of what has brought on this attack is that it has to do with the prisoner currently residing in the dungeons and Pagos tracking him to the Sanctuary.
  3. Under NO circumstances should ANYONE randomly die and blame pagos (as far as real characters) without authorisation from me or flame, not that it can't happen, but there are so few BC characters anyway active, we don't need a killing spree on real characters
  4. We'll have some people die on each side regardless, but none that anyone owns, just pretend characters to make it seem more real
  5. Ultimately Pagos's men will pull back as it's really just a pre attack to gauge defences and strength
  6. No campers
  7. No we will not be attacking camp

Please Remember
This blog is brought to you, the user, not your characters, this is an OOC blog. When the attack occurs your characters know nothing about the attack beforehand and you need to rp it that way, otherwise that's metagaming.

Thank you for your continued participation in Lilith's Letter and on the wiki in general, if you have any questions please contact myself or flame. We will be modding Pagos's men during the attack.

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