Bored >.< Started writing this in chat, it goes in order as how users appear on the chat list (well as they appear to me as my name doesn't appear in the list to me >.<)

UPDATE: As the story grows it's harder and harder for me to remember what users I've used so far, so if you'd like to be added in to my story, comment :)

UPDATE: File:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gifFile:OMG.gif BIG thanks to Migsiekinz who has officially started the Encyclo Wiki for the Legends of Wiktoria!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I am also now hosting this story on Wattpad, Here!

UPDATE: As I write more and more characters, and as the encyclo wiki is built, I'm letting users pick their own images and other details about their character. Please see me if you'd like to help work on your character. As far as images, my only requirement is they fit the character and are not real models (so they should be anime, deviantart, cartoon, etc.), and on all things, whether it's personality, looks, image, belongings, back story, I reserve final approval rights, to ensure it all fits with the overall plot and story planned.

UPDATE: I've move the detailed story over to the wiki, it'll just be a summary here, hopefully I'll write more chapters once I'm done updating, fingers crossed. Check it out here.

Users to Add in

Note: Just because your name isn't in this list, or in the story yet, doesn't mean you won't be, I'm trying to use as many users on the wiki as possible as either a location, special object or person, this list is just to make sure I don't forget to add users who specifically asked :) cheers!!!

  1. User:ShadowGoddess (Mireldis, goddess of shadows, to appear with Wonde soon)
  2. User:Little Unusual Me (daughter of shad, dark, dragon form now, stays with shady instead of the rest of the "moodles", Nakisisa the "little unusual one")
  3. User:Windsword7
  4. User:DreamingAloud14
  5. User:The Amazing Ruthie
  6. User:Hermione Fleur
  7. User:Rid3r98
  8. User:RubyRose17
  9. User:Sonofapollo
  10. User:TheDragonEmpress
  11. User:Bird of Winter
  12. User:IceFireWarden0
  13. User:Slayingthehalcyon

Legends of Wiktoria

Chapter 1 - The Royal Captive

Chapter One - The Royal Captive

Chapter 2 - The Search

Chapter Two - The Search

Chapter 3 - Meanwhile

Chapter Three - Meanwhile

Chapter 4 - The Truth Will Come

Chapter Four - The Truth Will Come

Chapter 5 - The Sad Little Princess

Chapter Five - The Sad Little Princess

Chapter 6 - Land of Divergent

Chapter Six - Land of Divergent

Chapter 7 - Faithful Companions

Chapter Seven - Faithful Companions

Chapter 8 - Flight of the Brave One

Chapter Eight - Flight of the Brave One

Chapter 9 - Secret Passage

Chapter Nine - The Lonely King

Chapter 10 - The Lonely King

Chapter Ten - The Lonely King

Chapter 11 - A Tortured Soul

Chapter Eleven - A Tortured Soul

Chapter 12 - Sister's reunite

Chapter Twelve - Sisters Reunite

Chapter 13 - Evil or not to Evil

Chapter Thirteen - Evil or Not to Evil

Chapter 14 - Breakfast

Chapter Fourteen - Breakfast

Chapter 15 - Christina's Fight for Survival

Chapter Fifteen - Christina's Fight for Survival

Chapter 16 - The Lost Twins

Chapter Sixteen - The Lost Twins

Chapter 17 - Trapped in the Mountains

Chapter Seventeen - Trapped in the Mountains

Chapter 18 - The Hobbit Princess

Chapter Eighteen - The Hobbit Princess

Chapter 19 - WIP

More to come